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ARX Algorithmic Research Ltd. - The Digital Signature Company offers digital signature software, electronic signature software and hardware providing information security, authentication, and encryption solutions for financial, commercial, legal, and governmental sectors - designed to simplify, seal, secure, and accelerate digital transactions anytime, anywhere.

CoSign is a digital signature solution. Signing and sealing electronic documents with CoSign signatures will immediately expedite business processes, reduce costs, increase security, and help organizations comply with regulations. CoSign digital signatures are based on standard PKI technology, guaranteeing signer authenticity, data integrity, and the non-repudiation of electronic documents.

The CoSign digital signature solution supports all major applications and file formats (Word, Excel®, Outlook®, PDF®, TIFF, AutoCAD®, InfoPath® and many more). With a rapid deployment, unique centralized approach, built-in integration with an organization's existing user-management directory systems, and extensive 3rd party application support, CoSign guarantees a quick ROI.

International 10 Nevatim St. Petach Tikva, Israel 49561 Tel : +972 3 9279500 Fax : +972 3 9230864

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