• Dr. Lucy: Alright, Didi, you can do it, push now! Have we got a good reading on the EFM?
  • Didi: [shrieking]
  • Dr. Lucy: Here it comes!
  • Richard Tyler: Ah, jeez!
  • Didi: Gorgeous!
  • Stu: Didi, she's so beautiful. She's...she's a boy.
  • Didi: Hello, my wonderful, sweet baby boy. [Dil moaning]
  • Stu: Well, I guess we won't be naming him after my mother.
  • Adventure: Now what?
  • Horror: Oh, a newborn was "Dil".
  • Richard Tyler: What?!
  • Didi: He doesn't look much like a Trixie, what about my cousin Dylan?
  • Stu: Dylan Prescott Pickles.
  • Nurse: "Dil Pickles".
  • Stu: Yeah, I like it.
  • Fantasy: Alright, come over here we're going out to Didi's room.
  • Adventure: Dream home, here I come!
  • Grandpa: Here you go, sprout.
  • Didi: Tommy, I want you to meet someone very special. This is your brother, Dylan. Dil, this is Tommy.
  • Horror: Uh, how you doing, Tommy?
  • Tommy: Nothing. Baby...
  • Adventure: Stand back! This is the Dil's pacific!
  • Didi: See, they already love each other.
  • Horror: Can I have the tweaks her Tommy's nose? Woah!
  • [At that moment, Dil tweaks by Tommy's nose gets pain. Tommy cries.]
  • Horror: Aw, crap!
  • [And finally, Tommy and Dil cries.]]
  • Horror: Aw, shit!
  • Adventure: Now look what you've done!
  • Betty: Well, that's a start!
  • [4 Weeks Later]
  • Stu: Didi, what are we gonna do? He hasn't stop crying since we brought a home!

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