Downtown Dillmore.

INFO: Dillmore is located in Jackson County, Douglas Island. It is within the New Karston Metro area and is home to the county's only major airport, the New Karston Airport.

The city is split in two by the Ron River. It is a tourist draw and home to a territorial park along the Ron River and Evergreen Mountains. The Ron Cook bridge is a historical landmark, as well as the old RON Lumber Company building in historic downtown. The Dillmore Hotel downtown is an original building from the past used by miners during the Ron River Gold Rush.

HISTORY: The town settled along the western shore of the Ron River for the prestine forests. Logging was the big industry and logs were rafted down the Ron River to trains. NK Railroad and Freight ended their rail line in Dillmore, which made rail a big draw for people, especially since it was the end of the line. The infamous Ron River Gold Rush saw a boom in people and miners to the region hoping to strike it rich. Mst did not find gold, making it infamous, but it made many new permanent homes, and shaped downtown to what it is today.

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