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Rules of the guild

Respect: The guild only has one rule, and that is to show respect for other members.

Leadership of the guild

Leaders: The guild obviously has one leader, but instead of having a Dictatorship system of government, the guild also has Officers, who help run the guild.

Current Leader: Dillons-Boots
Current Officers: There are none as of now.

If any question are needed to be asked and the leader is not on, you may ask an Officer, if they are not on, i can't help you there.


Apprentice: 0xp is needed for this rank.
Guard: 1100xp is needed for this rank.
Reservist: 6500xp is needed for this rank.
Officer: 15000xp is needed for this rank.


Apprentice: No rights.
Guard: Manage xp of yourself.
Reservist: Manage xp of yourself, collect kamas, resources, items, and place/remove Collectors.
Officer: Manage xp of yourself, collect kamas, resources, items, place/remove Collectors, invite/ban members, and use/fit the Paddocks.


I'm not that good with creating pages, so if your in my guild and are able to help make this better, i would appreciate that.

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