Dillydale is one of the seven areas in Cartoon Fun World. It features many attractions based on The Mr Men and Little Miss characters. Here are the list of attractions:

Mr. Happy's Wonderful Train: Everyone's favorite cheerful train conductor will give guests a tour of Dillydale and beyond!

Miss Daredevil's Rocket Rider: A ride that is similar to Dumbo the Flying Elephant, this telecombat style ride will take guests on an extreme and high flying trip across the sky! Sixteen ride vehicles are each shapes like a rocket and are mounted on articulated armatures connected to a rotating hub. A figure of Miss Daredevil herself rides atop the central hub.

Dillydale Day: The Musical Boat Ride: In this ride similar to It's a Small World, audio animatronic versions of the Mr Men and Little Misses seen in The Mr Men Show are seen and heard singing and dancing to toe tapping musical numbers in Dillydale to celebrate their city's big day.

Mr. Small and Mr. Nosy's Canal Boats: Passengers will embark on a leisurely-paced outdoor boat ride through a winding canal featuring settings from Dillydale. Mr. Small and Mr. Nosy will row you to safety as they make sure that you are safe from a hungry looking bear that was lurking in the woods! Two figures of Mr. Small and Mr. Nosy rides in front of each boat.

Mr. Nervous Imaginary Adventures: Follow Mr. Nervous as he daydreams in this attraction about monsters and other scary things in this dark ride!


Mr. Fussy's Refreshment Corner: Cold drinks, fruit juices, smoothies and more are available here at Mr. Fussy's vendor!

Mr. Grumpy's Terrace: Steaks, fish, rotisserie chicken and more are available here at Mr. Grumpy's shack!

Mr. Messy's Cheese Isle: Shazam! Mr. Messy sells various types of cheese from around the world here in his cart!

Mr. Rude's Tavern: Foie gras, pommes frittes, baguette, elair, crepes and more are sold here in Mr. Rude's restaurant!

Mr. Scatterbrain's Good Time Pizzas: Pizzas, calzones, bruschette and more are sold here in Mr. Scatterbrain's food stall!


The Dillydale Emporium: You can find many T shirts, plush toys, hats and more here at this wonderful emporium!

Dillydale Goods: Snacks, such as candies, character shaped cookies, waffles and pancakes, chocolates, cotton candies, marshmallows and more are sold here at this confectionery store!

Stage Shows:

Dillydale Extravaganza: Join Mr. Happy and all his friends as they sing and dance to popular songs today as well as classic songs in this wonderful musical moment!


A Miss Magic plush toy was sold here at the Dillydale Emporium with other characters from The Mr Men Show.

All the Mr Men and Little Misses from The Mr Men Show appear as Meet and Greet characters.

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