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In the year 2009, a world of data and monsters are found within the internet. The "realm" let out a beam from the North Pole into space releasing electronic devices across the world. As the light show is happening loads of dark monsters, the Shadow Knights, with Dark towers appearing all over the world darken the sky.

A month later all the "D-Vs" are finally gone from the "realm", the holders must activate their devices. once activated, they are then scanned by them in order for a "Dim" to select a handler. After some humans get their "Dim", the rest have the chance to create and customize their own in exchange they must go directly into the "realm" and stay forever (but some can choose this choice and roam where ever they want). However, when some created their own they become addicted which leads to slowly and surely they become the "Outers" in a sense they dont care about anything else but the "realm".

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