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Frost The Element

Frost is the long lost brother to Knuckles The Echidna. They were seperated when they were toddlers. A madman experimented on Frost, hoping to reveal a dark legend. This didn't happen and instead, Frost obtained powers. He has the ability to open up portals that can send anyone anywhere they want (including different dimensions). He can't make too many at a time, however. He also has the ability to create and change ice as well as manipulate water. Frost's appearance is similair to Knuckles, except Frost is a dark blue, wears brown, normal gloves, and has a bit longer bangs in the back. Frost can make a suit of ice armor around himself, preventing any fire/lava attack from doing any harm. Frost is very close to his brother, but he seems to worry to much.


Knuckles The Echidna

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles is a red echidna from the world of Mobius. He has punching gloves on that have been known to dig once and a while. He also can glide great distances and can glide with others like this. His appearance is red with white boxing gloves, a white tuff on his chest, and bangs that reach to his mid-section. Knuckles gets angered easily and is very gullible. Knuckles is the gaurdian of the Master Emerald, which is so powerful, it even talks (mentally). Knuckles tends to be apart, wanting his space. He has a brother (Frost) and has been trying to find him. When Frost and Knuckles team up, nothing seems to stand in their way.

Sam Wheat
Sam Wheat

Sam Wheat

Sam is a ghost with "unfinished business." He was murdered by a man named Willie Lopez that was hired to get a special code from Sam's pocket book. Sam was shot in the heart, but still roamed around as a ghost. He meets other ghosts and finds out how to do different things, like move objects. He eventually kills both Willie and the person that hired Willie and goes into heaven. Sam likes to play with people he is chasing, like writing "Boo" on a steamy mirror. He speaks his mind, even though no one can hear him. He wears a red, button-up shirt with black dress pants. He can make animals run in fear, move objects, and walk through walls (he is a ghost). He can possess people and be them, but it takes A LOT of energy from him, so he doesn't do it often. Everyone on the team can see and hear Sam, but no one else.


Bosh on his sled


Bosh is from the world of Linerider. People draw lines for the boy that's obsessed with sledding and he rides them. Some lines are turbo, some are regular, some slow down, etc. On the team, he can create a course that he follows that can plow people over. Other characters can make lines to adjust his path. Depending on what line Bosh is on will depend what effect the opponent feels. For example, slow down lines are yellow, so an enemy gets shocked if they hit Bosh on that line. Bosh can't talk but most people understand what he tries to say. He loves loops.


(From Left to Right) Cosmo, Timmy Turner, and Wanda

Timmy Turner

Timmy is an average, 10-year-old kid that no one understands. He is pretty much tortured by his evil babysitter, Vicky, and also humiliated with Fs from Mr. Crocker, his teacher. His parents never seem to be around, either. His life has a very good point in it, however. He has magical fairy godparents. They can grant almost any wish that Timmy asks. The two fairies are called Cosmo and Wanda. Cosmo idiot. Wanda is his wife that always knows what's right. Timmy has three different abilities besides wishing. He can become Cleft, The Boy Chin Wonder, a sidekick to Timmy's favorite superhero, The Crimson Chin. Cleft has a utility cleft (or a chin full of gadgets) and a red suit with a yellow cape. Timmy also has the ability to chew threw almost anything with his giant, buck teeth. The three enjoy being in the team, since Timmy loves adventure. (Note: Yes, in the newer episodes, there is a baby fairy, but I am not including Poof.)

Eglantine Price

Miss Price

Miss Price

Miss Price comes from the movie, Bedknobs and Broomsticks. She is a witch that can do small spells and some big ones. She is from Pepperidgeye, a small, country town in Britain. Miss Price is older, but she still has a lot of energy for trying new things. Miss Price's spells that she can do on the team are as follows: turning people into rabbits for short periods of time, healing, making non-living objects have a life force to fight for her (EX. Armor suits, clothing, weapons, etc.), and "The Famous Traveling Spell." The Traveling spell allows her to make any object (that has a part on it that can twist) travel anywhere you want. Miss Price doesn't get hurt easily, despite her old age. She also can fly a broomstick. She is very stern, treats all with respect, and likes natural foods better than fried ones.


Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is a carrot-munching rabbit cartoon from Looney Tunes. He is known for being very clever and mischevious. He tends to be in the middle of any conversation or fight because that's what he does; Bugs likes to cause humerous chaos. Since he is a toon, he cannot killed or completely destroyed, except by a special mixture of liquids (see the movie Who Framed Rodger Rabbit) known as the dip. Bugs loves carrots (being a rabbit) and he doesn't like the taste for much else, except for candy canes during Christmas. Bugs can burrow very quickly as well as change his appearance in a flash. He has one special carrot that he keeps hidden unless he needs it. This carrot can turn into a lightsaber. The color of the lightsaber beam is green. Bugs joined for two reasons: he liked to travel and a never-ending supply of carrots.

Agents J & K

Agent K (holding Neurolizer) and Agent J (other guy)

These agents help aliens blend in with Earth, as well as keeping regular people from knowing of aliens. These two are very experienced in the ways of the paranormal. They are from the agency known as the Men in Black (MiB). The ONLY dress in a suit. They can do whatever they want because they are above the law and the system. Each of the agents carries their favorite weapon. J has a Series 6 De-atomizer and K has something called the Noisy Cricket. J's weapon looks like a Star Wars blast, but shorter. The Noisy Cricket is a VERY tiny gun. HOWEVER, it is one of the most powerful handguns you can get. The cricket fires a green blast with a serious kick. J had to use it when he started out...he hated it. These two each have a Neurolizer, which makes anyone that stares into the red 'eye' on the metal tube to forget what just happened to them. K is very serious and hates those that aren't. J is more of a people's person.



Chestnut is from Marzipan City. He may be about the size of an apple, but he is as strong as the Thing! He always says "Dinkaloo dinkalee, Chestnut is who I be" or something along those lines. He is always thinking of himself first, but he will gladly help others that are nice to him. He also gets angry very quickly. He appears in the show Chowder randomly and acts like the guy that seems to get in the way of Chowder's goals most of the time (see the show to understand). Chestnut also talks in third person about himself. Chestnut calls different things differently because of his size. For example, a suitcase is a hydrofoil. A hat is a vacation home. A person that has been knocked out is a dining room table! Chestnut likes to be around Knuckles since both of them are strong and easily angered.

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