Dimensiondude is a member of the Author Fighters who first joined when he was looking for TL and Lunatic. At first, he and DarkMagicianmon got off on the wrong foot, but when TL explained that he was his brother, the two got on pretty good terms. He has since provided the Authors with knowledge on monsters, animals, and several forms of biological sciences.


Dimensiondude isn't like most Author Fighters, because he has no human physical appearances at all. He looks like a green dromaeosaurid dinosaur (a raptor, in other words), but has several notable differences. He has a beak-like projection from his upper lip similar to a bird's, a row of spines down his neck, and a strange fin-like growth on his head. Like a cockatoo's crest, the fin lowers with sadness, remains semi-erect when he's in an "OK kind of mood", and fully erect when he's excited or angry.

The most notable features are the pterosaur-like wings made by an extended fourth finger. The other three digits end with sharp claws analagous to a raptor's. Despite the fact that he has wings, Dimensiondude cannot fly yet (as he claims). He claims that one day, he'll learn the secret of flight, but for now, a glide is the best his wings will allow.

Like a raptor, Dimensiondude has three toes with an enlarged third one. The claw on the large toe has the traditional sickle claw. His top speed is forty miles per hour and he can keep running for twelve miles without stopping for a rest.

Dimensiondude's tail is highly dextrous and is similar to any dragon's, ending in an arrowhead-shaped growth. Dimensiondude's tail can be a weapon in a battle, one hit with his tail can cause serious injury if it hits the right play. The tail can also be used as an extra limb, used to grip things from branches to an enemy's leg. D-Dude often uses the tail as a prop to kick at his opponent with both his feet in a kangaroo style.


Dimensiondude has an enhanced healing factor. As long as the injury doesn't kill him instantly, his wounds will heal over in a few hours, though he can do it in a few seconds if he has lots of adrenaline running through his body. He was smashed by the armadillo-esque dragon known as Long and survived, coming out without a scratch. But despite having a healing factor, Dimensiondude can still feel exhaustion of injury.

Like several dragons, Dimensiondude has the natural ability to breathe fire. Two glands in his mouth secrete chemicals that combust when combined with oxygen. He can manipulate this fire breath into several forms such as...

  • Fireball (D-Dude's breath takes on a flaming orb shape)
  • Stream (The flames form a straight stream of fire like a flamethrower)
  • Arrows (D-Dude spits fire in the form of several javelins. Used for attacking multiple opponents)
  • Wave (The flames form a horizontal or vertical wave analogous to Ranyaku)

One of the last abilities Dimensiondude has is the ability to spit a chemical from his mouth. A sac in his throat secretes this chemical and can force it out of his mouth like a hose. This chemical can be a powerful adhesive, though flammable, and causes burning when it comes into contact with the eyes or mouth.

Spirit Gates

Dimensiondude possesses the ability to access the Spirit Gates: special energies that can pump the user's body to full potential. The downside of the Spirit Gates is that they drain after three minutes (the exception being the Spirit Heart) and they take two to three days to recharge.

  • Spirit Legs (D-Dude's body glows a golden yellow and he can move at superspeeds)
  • Spirit Skin (D-Dude's skin turns metallic gray and his skin becomes virtually indestructible)
  • Spirit Eyes (D-Dude's eyes glow purple and can see all things around him and what happened in the past.)
  • Spirit Flame (D-Dude gains a fiery orange aura and gains greater control over his fire breath, able to solidify the fire he exhales into weapons, binds, and tools)
  • Spirit Claws (D-Dude's claws glow electric blue and his claws can carve through anything, like a lightsaber)
  • Spirit Wings (D-Dude's wings glow white and he is capable of flying at high speeds, since his wings are much stronger)
  • Spirit Mind (D-Dude turns pitch-black and he gains telepathy and telekinesis)
  • Spirit Cells (Dimensiondude's body returns to perfect condition in a flash of rainbow lights)
  • Spirit Blood (Dimensiondude flashes red and all used Spirit Gates gain a one-time recharge)
  • Spirit Bones (Dimensiondude turns into his Ultima Form known as D-Rex)
  • Spirit Heart (Dimensiondude turns into his second-state Ultima known as Redeye)

Twin-Gate Modes

Dimensiondude can combine two Spirit Gates to change form for a limited amount of time. This comes at the cost of two Spirit Gates and three days to charge both up again.

  • Claws+Wings=Windcutter Mode (D-Dude gains a more birdlike, airborne appearance and his wings are replaced with glowing-blue plasma sheets. He can fly at near-supersonic speeds and create gusts of wind so powerful that they can cut through steel.)
  • Flame+Mind=Dragonaura Mode (D-Dude gains fiery wings and flames dance around him in the shape of a dragon. This flame can turn into any shape, solidify, or explode like a megaton blast.)
  • Skin+Legs=Juggernaut Mode (Dimensiondude becomes far bulkier, can move at sonic speeds, and nothing will get in his way. It's like trying to stop a tank bare-handed.)
  • Mind+Claws=Psywave Mode (D-Dude becomes more humanoid and can send out psychic waves depending on how he moves his body. These waves can be shockwaves in the ground, cutting waves in the air, force bombs that are like invisible cannonballs, and flurry shots through punches, kicks, and chops.)
  • Wings+Flame=Phoenix Mode (D-Dude gains fiery, feather-like growths, can fly, and control the air to magnify his fire attacks.)
  • Mind+Eyes=Foresight Mode (D-Dude gains abnormally prominent, ebony eyes that can see into the future, right past any illusion or control he may be under, and copy any move he sees.)
  • Legs+Wings=Stealth Mode (D-Dude shrinks slightly, but can move and fly so fast that the naked eye cannot even register he is moving.)
  • Claws+Legs=Cleaver Mode (Dimensiondude turns more streamlined like a cheetah and his claws turn as long as steak knives and turn the color of a lightsaber. He can move at high speed in this mode and will carve through anything in his way, even thick objects like boulders...and enemies.)
  • Eyes+Flame=Burngaze Mode (Dimensiondude's eyes turn bright red and can fire blasts of fire. These eyes can also detect heat, making it almost impossible to surprise him.)
  • Skin+Flame=Molten Mode (Dimensiondude turns the color of molten iron and becomes even hotter than said material. He can project and solidify any part of his body along with burn anything he touches.)
  • Eyes+Skin=Detection Mode (Dimensiondude can scan his enemies for any weak points in their bodies and take advantage of it, whilst the enemy cannot easily harm him.)
  • Mind+Legs=Warpspace Mode (Dimensiondude gains a humanoid appearance, minus the tail, and gains the ability of teleportation. This ability gives him almost limitless martial arts abilities.)
  • Flame+Claws=Salamander Mode (Dimensiondude transforms into a more dragonic creature and can project fire from any sweat gland on his body.)
  • Skin+Claws=Swordskin Mode (D-Dude looks a little more feral, loses his wings, and can project a plasma blade from any bone in his body.)
  • Legs+Eyes=Hawkeye Mode (D-Dude can see objects from miles away and provide pinpoint location, too.)
  • Eyes+Claws=Snipefire Mode (Dimensiondude can zoom in on targets, then shoot bursts of plasma from his eyes with pinpoint accuracy.)
  • Blood+Cells=Super-Soldier Mode (Dimensiondude gains a superb healing factor, inhuman stamina, and loses the ability to secrete lactic acid. Basically, he cannot stop fighting or die until the two Spirit Gates lose their energy.)

Notable Abilities

Dimensiondude has a sixth sense of sorts. He's able to see into other worlds even if the world itself is light-years away. He can sense if a world has been destroyed because he gets a major headache when a world vanishes.

Dimensiondude has a special sac in his throat that is often used for storage, as he has no pockets. He slips valuable items into them from pieces of a sacred key to his collection of Summon Charms.

On discovering that he could use two Spirit Gates at once, D-Dude discovered its weakness quickly. To counteract it, Dimensiondude brings special pills with him. These pills can recharge his Spirit Gates for up to three uses. Because the pills are hazardous to his health if taken in large numbers, D-Dude only brings three pills at most into any battle he's in.

During the Jack Of Blades arc, Dimensiondude helped create new weapons for X Prodigy when his Darkside destroyed his. Along with his brothers, he helped create Luce and Ombra, replacement firearms, and took part in the creation of the first Hybrid Devil Arm known as Genesis, a sowrd that was forged from imagination river and demon essence. Because of it's unique design, both X and the Fictor Brothers can use it, granting different powers to each wielder. Using a new power knwon as Ultima Devil Trigger, D-Dude can transform into a humanoid Dragon-Devil, and can retain all of sanity unlike Redeye, but the downside is that his power increases each time he is wounded, and can suffer from 'overdrive'; unleashing too much power at once, which could end up killing him. As he is not a fan of weapons all together, D-Dude uses this only in desperate situations.


Dimensiondude is an average guy, though slightly short-tempered. If someone says something he doesn't like, he gives that person a good whip on the butt with his tail. (his common excuse being 'mosquito') He is VERY protective of his brothers and will protect them in any way he can.

Dimensiondude is very intelligent despite his outlook. He is capable of human speech (voiced by Doug Jones) and is as smart as any human, possibly smarter. His intelligence also leads to him being an excellent strategist. If backed into a corner, his strategic skills are at their fullest.

Dimensiondude has a love for life sciences, bearing knowledge of all kinds of monsters, animals, plants, and several forms of life. He has proven it at times when he has recognized animal scientific names that other Author Fighters haven't heard of. He also knows about paranormal and supernatural beings and events, history, and tracking skills.

Even though he's more of a biologist, Dimensiondude is an expert in other fields. He is pretty handy with machinery: he can pilot a ship without a problem and can build small trinkets, though he cannot build advanced machinery such as ships. He is also learned in ancient cultures, mythology, and history.

Dimensiondude also collects Summon Charms, since he can't perform Fictorian-style Summoning Jutsu. Characters he has summoned include...

  • Hellboy (though Dimensiondude often goes to see him on a regular basis)
  • Optimus Prime
  • King Kong
  • Time Wizard
  • Grey Matter
  • Iron Man

Other Forms

Depending on which of two Spirit Gates Dimensiondude opens, he will change into one of two forms.


D-Rex is a massive creature that is four meters tall and thirteen meters long, a far cry from Dimensiondude's actual size. D-Rex resembles a dragonic Tyrannosaurus, but again, differences are noticeable. His feet resemble a giant bird of prey's and he has small horns on his snout and over each eyebrow.

D-Rex's wings seem more evolved than Dimensiondude's, making him capable of powered flight. Because of this ability, D-Rex is much lighter than most animals his size; averaging nine hundred pounds in contrast to the eight-ton Cretaceous predator.

D-Rex's main weapon is his mouth. Even though he is capable of breathing fire, he would prefer to use his powerful jaws. The jaw muscles are incredibly powerful, giving the beast a bite ten times more powerful than a lion's. Still, D-Rex's fire breath is a powerful force, with one blast being as powerful as a C-Bomb.

Despite his fearsome appearance, D-Rex retains Dimensiondude's conscious mind. Redeye is not so fortunate.


Redeye is a true monster. He is three meters tall, humanoid in shape, and packed with muscle. This beast has given up flight completely, bearing four-fingered hands in place of wings, which both D-Dude and D-Rex both have. All-in-all, Redeye looks like some hideous mix between a Tyrannosaurus rex and the Incredible Hulk.

Redeye has deep green, scaly skin. Unlike most dinosaurs, his forelimbs are huge and packed with muscles in contrast to the small, feeble ones of Tyrannosaurs and other predatorial dinosaurs. Redeye's teeth are oddly crooked, much like the Skull Island V-Rexes, and he has a thick, powerful tail.

Battle-wise, Redeye prefers to beat his enemies savagely with his fists. His strength is virtually unlimited, and it's been proven: he has taken on creatures all the Author Fighters put together couldn't beat. Examples being the near-unstoppable dragon warrior, Karnak, and Four-Tailed Naruto.

Like the Hulk, Redeye's hide is so dense that bullets, fire, acid, and even Nukid's shigan cannot penetrate it. Redeye doesn't appear to feel pain, but will react to those who attack him with utmost ferocity.

Redeye does have immense power other than his pure physical strength. One clap of his hands can create a shockwave, and his roar alone is equivalent to a passing jet. He can also fire a beam of energy from his mouth with enough firepower to level a forest.

Unlike most of the Spirit Gates, Redeye will not wear off in a few minutes. He will keep fighting until his foes are dead, and he can keep doing it for days, because he secretes no lactic acid. The only way to stop him is to calm him down and make him see that some people are his friends. Only then will he revert back to Dimensiondude.

Dimensiondude has no control over Redeye, though a part of his subconscious seems to tell the beast who's good and who's bad. Still, Dimensiondude swore to only use Redeye during times when his brothers or friends are in dire peril. When he feels that Redeye is to be unleashed, he will position himself so that Redeye will see his enemy, then transform.

Redeye runs a great risk for Dimensiondude. The longer he stays out, D-Dude runs the risk of heart failure and death. D-Dude will also feel the exhaustion of Redeye's battle.


Dimensiondude met his demise while defending his brothers from a powerful force. Having been in Redeye form for hours and suffered severe injuries, he took down his the cost of his own life.

Fun Facts

  • Dimensiondude will go by the nicknames of D-Dude, D-Dinosaur, Big Double-D, Dragon-Dino, and Big Green
  • Dimensiondude is currently the bouncer at the Author Fighters' bar. He dethroned Jake Long to get there, though.
  • Often during times of battle, Dimensiondude becomes Lunatic's warhorse, the ninja riding on his back. Lunatic constantly screams that they're going to die every time the battle gets too fierce.
  • Dimensiondude isn't cold-blooded, but that doesn't stop him from hating the cold. This is due to his lack of fur or feathers, which female Dragonsaurs have.
  • Dimensiondude isn't exactly fond of Valentines Day. This is because he has been single since the age of fifteen and not many girls want to approach him.
  • Dimensiondude has several books on several subjects. He is usually found reading a book that best describes the situation the Author Fighters are in.
  • Dimensiondude has a secret lab under his room. He keeps any monsters he has discovered in this room, and the monster can be anything from a five-inch louse to a giant, gorilla-esque troll.
  • Dimensiondude, unlike virtually every Author Fighter, is not too fond of Kamen Riders. He thinks they're overrated and have too much flash and not enough power.
  • Dimensiondude prefers not to fight, only engaging the enemy if they make the first move or if his life (or that of someone he cares about) is in danger.


  • "FOR THE LAST TIME, I'M NOT A LIZARD! I'm a Dracheraptor fictoria!" (gets a weird look) "Uh...Fictorian Dragonsaur."
  • "Oh no! I get to see the new King Kong movie BEFORE anyone else! If anyone changes the channel, I will become their personal predator!"
  • "She's been playing with my tail for hours."
  • "This is...not good."
  • "Well, it should be obvious to even the DUMBEST person, who has a general knowledge of all dimensions, like me."
  • "Well, I'm not goin'. I HATE the cold." (When asked to go to Aang and Katara's wedding)
  • "Oh, hey! I heard Airnaruto's gonna fight the Rabbit Darkside! How cool is that?"
  • "Just because you cannot see it, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. And it is the darker beings that you have to try and see." (To Nukid about Blackheart)
  • "I can turn my back on the world...but I won't turn my back on my brothers."
  • "Authors...we have company..."
  • "If there's no logical reason behind this, it's most likely magic is involved."
  • "No, stop! STOP! There'll be NO singing while I'm here!"

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