Page 1

"Look Students!" Said Mrs. Dee.

"Look at all the Animals" Said Danielle.

"One, Two, Three," Said Albert.

"Sounds Like it Might Rain." Said Brendan.

And They Went to the Rainforest to see all the animals.

Page 2

Then They all put on some Coats on.

"That Time," Said Betsy.

"It Time to see the Animals in the Rainforest" Said Mrs. Dee.

"Let's Go!" Said the Students.

Page 3

"Here we are" Said Mrs. Dee.

"Wow! It's Big!" Said Albert.

"Isn't This Big?" Asked Danielle.

"No. It's Fine" Said Albert.

"It's Okay" Said Betsy.

"Did the Elephants Live in the Rainforest?" Asked Mrs. Dee.

"No" Said Danielle.

"I Have Binoculars to See Something." Said Albert.

Page 4

"Look! It's a Monkey!" Said Albert.

"Yes it is!" Asked Joshua.

"Monkeys Live in the Rainforest" Said Mrs. Dee.

"Did Animals Stay Away From Animals?" Said Albert.

"Oh, Yes!" Said Mrs. Dee.

"Yep! Predators do Have Animals that Stay away from Animals" Said Albert.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!" Cried Danielle.

"It's a Tiger!" Yelled Danielle.

"Run!" Said the Students.

Page 5

"Grab, Hold" Said Mrs. Dee.

"Ew! Gross." Cried the Students.

"I'm Inside Tiger's Mouth!" Said the Students.

"But, We're Stuck Into a Flower!" Said Brendan.

"Hey, Is That a?" Asked Albert.

"Alka Root!" Said Joshua.

"But I'm Swimming Inside Tiger's Mouth!" Said Betsy.

"It's Called Goo!" Said Albert.

"I Got Some Goo on my Face" Said Albert.

"Toss it into the Air!" Said Albert.

"WHEE!!" Said the Students.

"BURP!!!!!!!!!!!!!" The Tiger Said.

"Now I'm All Wet from the Goo!" Said Albert.

"Hey, Danielle?" Asked Albert.

"Let me Show you Something?" Said Danielle.

Page 6

"You're Acting Silly Sorry" Said Mrs. Dee.

"I'm Not Acting Silly Sorry" Said Brendan.

But Danielle did it.

"But it's Time to Go Home!" Called Mrs. Dee.

They All put on Coats and goes home.

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