Dinosaurs! is a US/UK/AUS DVD for six episdoes of Feb. 9th. 2014.


On dino days on the island when Thomas looked at the dinosaurs on sodor On Halloween Thomas & James are in the pumpkin tunnel outside Thomas told Percy about the dragons breathing fire at Ulfstead Castle Captain the rescue boat The Rescue Boat Express and Thomas took her passengers Belle and Flynn fight a fire and Harold found the passengers for a Fire Fighting Express. Thomas and Rocky rescues Gordon and Jack cleared the rocks hard dinosaurs life on Sodor


  1. Thomas And the Dinosaurs
  3. Thomas & the Dragons
  4. Sea Rescue
  5. Fire & Rescue
  6. Rocky's Rescue

Bonus Features

  • A Coupling Snap Game - Thomas and the Quarry Cars/Thomas and the Quarry Trucks
  • Sodor Zoo Song - Sodor Zoo and Animals
  • Guess Who? Puzzles - Jack Bulstrode and Bulgy

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