The Diogenes Dynasty is the Current Imperial Family of the Eastern Roman Empire, otherwise known as the Roman Empire. The Diogenes were former Princes of Anatolia, yet inherited the Imperial Throne due to being the strongest Vassal of Rome.

One defining point of the Diogenes Dynasty is, that even though they are Greek, they have Prophetei Blood in them. Prophetei being Humans with the ability to speak with an Angelic being of Georgian Legend. "Angel-Speakers", in Roman Slang. Originally, only the Bagratuni Family had the blood necessary to speak with said being, yet due to the Marriage of Isaakios Diogenes and Hourig Gardman-Abghania, a Bagratuni descendant, any Diogenes descended from Isaakios, which include the current Roman Emperor Line, has the ability to converse with said Angel of Georgian Legend.

Emperor Andronikos Diogenes, Isaakios' Grandson, was the first to discover the Diogenes connection to the Prophetei. However, Andronikos' Great Grandson, Ruben, current heir to the Imperial Roman Throne, has also recently discovered this Ancestry.

Diogenes Family is predominantly Greek, and all are of the Orthodox Religion.

Roman Empire
Country: Empire of Byzantium, Kingdom of Bulgaria.
Titles: Emperor of Byzantium, King of Bulgaria, Prince of Thracesia, Prince of Macedonia, Among others.
Founder: Romanos Diogenes I
Current head: Athanasios Diogenes.
Founding year: 1000
Ethnicity: Greek
Cadet branches: N/A

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