Diplomacy-class Cruiser
Manufacturer Valorn Duchal Shipyards
Model Diplomacy-class Cruiser
Sublight Speed Average (10 mglt)
Sublight Maneuverability Average (4 dpf)
Length 270 meters
Mass 73,000 tons
Hull Strength Above average(6000 ru)
  • 10 warhead launchers
  • AMS systems

Room for up to 12 fighters

Cargo Capacity

5,000 metric tons (excluding hangar space and consumables storage)

Crew 172
Passengers 2,000 infantry and support personnel
CO Lord Admiral Tiberius Ordei
Battles Participated In N/A
Affiliation Duchy of Valorn

The flagship of the Duchal Fleet, the Diplomacy is commanded by Lord Admiral Tiberius Ordei, the commander of the Duchal Fleet Arm. Armed with ten warhead launchers - each equipped with twenty missiles, each with a payload of 250 kilotons - and a number of AMS guns, the Diplomacy is a formidable opponent.

The cruiser features a single hangar bay, capable of holding up 12 fighters. This space is typically filled by Red Squadron, the seven Destroyer-class Fighters currently active.

The Diplomacy is based in the Valorn system, and is responsible for the defense of said system.

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