Dipper Pines is the main protagonist and the biggest fan of Star Butterfly appearing in Gravity Falls. He has brown hair, black eyes and wears a blue and white hat. His main outfit is composed of: a red short sleeved shirt, gray shorts, white socks and black shoes. He is voiced by Jason Ritter. At his age, he is 12 years old. At his worst dance with Star, his outfit is composed of: a black tuxedo, black pants and black shoes.


  • Stan Pines (Great Uncle)
  • Mabel Pines (Twin Sister)
  • Pacifica Northwest (Love Interest)
  • Star Butterfly (Worst Fear)


  1. Being cool to Pacifica
  2. Exploring the sights
  3. Finding treasures


  1. The way he gets stumped
  2. Star Butterfly
  3. Getting bad reputations

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