Dire werewolves are very special types of giants. They are the only werewolves who are born with telekinesis. As there are eight kinds of Dire werewolves, there are eight kinds of elemental telekinesis. Lord of Ice is an Ice Dire, so he will only be able to use Ice Hands, the ice version of telekinesis.

If a Dire marries a normal sized person, the child will be born with telekinesis matching the element of one of the parents. For instance, if a Night Dire married a human whose element is Earth, the child will either have Night Hands or Stone Hands, even if the human parent does not know telekinesis.


Different Hands have different effects. The remaining seven Hands are Lightning Hands, Water Hands, Wind Hands, Stone Hands, Flame Hands, Night Hands and Sun Hands. To use the effects of each elemental hand, meditation is a must for giants. The list below shows the hands' effect after meditating.

Lightning Hands cause any living things touched to get a shock.

Water Hands cause the object to get wet and soggy.

Wind Hands have no effect on solids and living beings, but affect liquids and fires.

Stone Hands are the only form of telekinesis that can be felt by someone other than the giant using it.

Flame Hands set the object on fire immediately.

Ice Hands freeze anything they touch, including living beings.

Night Hands only show their effect on items emitting light. The light will be extinguished.

Sun Hands act the opposite of Night Hands. They light up dark objects and dark places. Handy for exploring.

If the giant does not meditate before using the elemental attacks, they will either backfire or not work at all. It is very difficult for an elemental giant to learn all eight Hands, only one has done so. His name is Pasha Longtooth and he was Lord of Ice's ancestor.

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