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Dirtgirlworld: Amazing Adventures! is a PBS Kids Sprout video with 7 episodes of Dirtgirlworld and Bubble Guppies.


  1. Bees
  2. Seeds
  3. Circles
  4. Wild
  5. Check it Out!
  6. Triple-Track Train Race!
  7. Construction Psyched!



It was a buzzing bee over into dirtgirlworld over there. But Dirtgirl had a idea! Dirtgirl makes the bees honey into a quick beehive.


Dirtgirlworld has seeds! Ken the Weevil goes flying and takes a lift-off. But Scrapboy yells, "Pull the safety cord, Ken!", Ken fells around over Veggie Garden and Grubby needs to get the seeds out for some dirt.


There's a pizza over dirtgirlworld, and Dirtgirl and the gang are so great! Can Dirtgirl and the gang have some circles?


Scrapboy, Ken, and Grubby take Dirtgirl on a camping trip. We need swimming, hiking, and sleeping in a tent and gather for a wild-riffic adventure!

Check it Out!

Uh-oh - Gil has a lost library card and the books return. So the Bubble Buddies help Gil his library card. And Gil sings the dance song called, "Turn the Page".

Triple-Track Train Race!

Choo choo! Ol' Number 9, an old-fashioned steam locomotive, is competing in the Triple-Track Train Race! But when a whole herd of cows wanders onto the tracks, the Bubble Guppies better think fast before it's too late!

Construction Psyched!

Goby needs the Bubble Guppies' help with a incredibly difficult problem when he loses his toy dump truck at a construction site and must quickly retrace his steps to find it before it is crushed and destroyed by a bulldozer.

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