Here's a HIT Entertainment trailer: Dirtgirlworld: Amazing Adventures!


Announcer: Amazing discoveries with their friends in Veggie Garden.

Grubby: Bee! Everybody down!

Announcer: Or you could buzzing bees...

Grubby: Good job, Ken!

{Clips:Earth Day, Bees, Seeds, Water, Wild, Slugs, and Juice}

Announcer: Then you have a lift-off.........

Scrapboy: Pull the safety cord, Ken!

Announcer: But when Dirtgirl takes a magify glass, he gets bravely serious, featuring all 7 episodes of Dirtgirlworld, then the TV special for You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!

Scheroder: Remember... Adaigo con brio!

Announcer: Then you can have a squashy orange juice... Well that's it for amazing adventures for the day.

Scrapboy: Ken, pull the safety cord!

Announcer: To learn about these and other places. Look for Amazing Adventures starting Dirtgirl, now on home video from your friends at HIT Entertainment!

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