Dirtgirlworld: The Movie is a film from Tristar Pictures and Pixar from PBS Kids Sprout.


When Dirtgirl is falling asleep, Grubby, Ken, and Scrapboy wake him up. Dirtgirl yawns in the morning at Veggie Patch. He him a secret.

He never to solve a mystery again that he can lost. Batman and Robin ride the Batmoblie to Veggie Patch, He can stand it again.

Batman and Robin arrive at Veggie Patch, she can had a big mystery to solve again. Then, he fights Batman.

Then, Dirtgirl, Scrapboy, Ken, and Grubby say goodbye to Batman and Robin. When his friends get Dirtgirl his bedtime story, Dirtgirl reads a story called, "Batman: Meet the Superheros". After the story, Ken, Grubby, and Scrapboy says good night and he off the lights and he falls asleep.


  • Michael Balk as Dirtgirl
  • Krew Beylan as Scrapboy
  • J Davis as Ken
  • Maree Lowes as Grubby
  • Kevin Conroy as Batman
  • Loren Leaster as Robin

Opening Previews

  1. Columbia/Tristar Home Video logo
  2. Sony FBI Warning Screen
  3. Dirtgirlworld: The Movie Soundtrack promo
  4. Film Fomet Screen
  5. Tristar Pictures logo
  6. Pixar Animation Studios logo
  7. Start of the movie


  • Cast:
  • Dirtgirl - Michael Jalk
  • Scrapboy - Krew Beylan
  • Ken - J Davis
  • Grubby - Maree Lowes
  • Batman - Kevin Conroy
  • Robin - Loren Leaster
  • Based On DC Comic Chapters
  • Batman Created By
 Bob Kane 
  • Created by:


  • 3012 Warner Bros


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