---Dirty Livin'---

Match 1: Elimination 6 Man Tornado Tag

Lance Storm, KENTA & Carlito VS Mr. Perfect, Jushin Thunder Lyger & Mr. Kennedy

Order of Elimination

Jushin Lyger got counted out at 6:03.

Mr. Kennedy got counted out at 7:11.

Carlito by Mr. Perfect after a Perfect Plex at 10:01.

Mr. Perfect by Lance Storm after a Small Package at 11:32.

Winners of the Match Lance Storm, KENTA & Carlito

Match 2: Armageddon Hell In A Cell

Homicide VS JBL VS Shawn Michaels VS Cactus Jack VS Steve Blackman VS Rikishi

Rikishi won the match after pinning Michaels after a Rikishi Driver at 4:56.

Match 3: Steel Cage Pin & Give Up

Randy Orton VS Delirious

Randy Orton won the match after pinning him with an RKO at 3:56.

Match 4: Money In The Bank

Booker T VS Paul London VS Jack Evans VS Bobby Lashley VS Hardcore Holly VS Undertaker

Undertaker won the match after grabbing the briefcase at 24:55.

Match 5: Hell In A Cell

Ken Shamrock VS Umaga

Ken Shamrock won the match after making Umaga tap out to the Anklelock at 4:03.

Match 6: Hardcore Single

Boogeyman VS Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes won the match after a Big Elbow Drop at 5:00.

Match 7: Steel Cage Triple Threat Pin & Give Up

Ric Flair VS Raven VS James Storm

James Storm won the match after escaping the cage at 5:07.

Match 8: Handicap One on Tag

Hulk Hogan VS Ron Killings & Kurt Angle

Hulk Hogan won the match after pinning Killings after a Leg Drop at 10:27.

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