• Adult Vitani as James
  • Timon as Percy
  • Pumbaa as Toby
  • Zazu as Sir Topham Hatt

Narrator: Pumbaa the Warthog has been around the pride lands for many years, he old and needed new tusks. Adult Vitani was very rude when she saw him

Adult Vitani: YUCK! what dirty objects she would say

Pumbaa: Adult Vitani, he would ask. Why are you big?

Adult Vitani: I am a big lion, ready for anything. You never see me dirty

Pumbaa: Oh! thats why you had a rope

Narrator: Adult Vitani growled away, he remberd the time she had rope tied around her paws

Adult Vitani: Dirty animals, from dirty places. YUCK!

Narrtor: Adult Vitani climbed up at Adult Simba's hill.


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