Dirty Objects

Dirty Objects is Episode 9 of Season 9


Daisy was boasting about her girly looks and calls A.J. a dirty object. But after she pulled babies she pulled coal wagons, Then Daisy bumped the coal wagons so crossly that they were determined to get back at her, When she went to Owl's hill the coal wagons pushed her into the tar tankers she got black all over and when A.J. and Yoshi helped A.J. teased Daisy and Finally Thomas told Daisy to be clean at once while A.J. has a new coat of skin.


A.J.: Look Here Yoshi, whatever is that dirty object?

Yoshi: That's Daisy didn't you know.

A.J.: It's Daisy's shape but Daisy is a spended girl and you never see her feathers dirty.

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