Dirty Objects (Thomas and The Lion King Version) is a Episode from Diesel 10 the Claw Engine and Friends 2.


  • Thomas as James
  • James as Percy
  • Duck as Toby
  • Puffballs as Trucks
  • and more


  • Narrator: Thomas went blue than ever and sorted out it was such an silly thing a ask at the end of the line Thomas left his branchline and got ready for his next train it was a slow goods stopping at every station to pick up and set down Puffballs Thomas hated slow goods trains.
  • [Thomas chases his Puffballs]
  • Thomas: Dirty Puffballs from Dirty Platforms
  • [Thomas chase his Puffballs again]
  • Narrator: Starting with only a few he picked up more and more Puffballs at each platform till he had a long train at first the Puffballs behave well but Thomas chases them soo angry that he was deterined to pay them back presinliy they reached The Tree's hill heavy tank engines hault to pin down brakes Thomas had an acciendent with Puffballs and he should rembered that
  • Thomas' Driver: Wait Thomas Wait
  • Narrator: But Thomas couldn't wait he was dement to see Duck and Daisy when they first met The Puffballs' Chance has come
  • Puffballs: Haurra Hurra Hurrra
  • Narrator: And biffing their buffers the chased him down the hill
  • Puffballs: On On On
  • Thomas: I've got to stop I've got to stop
  • Narrator: View the platform they thunderd distar ley ahead
  • and more

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