Dirty Work, re-titled Discord's Devious Deed for American audience, is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Cheese Sandwich the Earth Pony and Friends, and thirty-ninth episode overall. It is a parody of the Thomas and Friends episode, Dirty Work/Diesel's Devious Deed.


  • Zephyr Breeze as Henry
  • Big McIntosh as Gordon
  • Flash Sentry as James
  • Braeburn as Duck
  • Discord as Diesel
  • Princess Celestia as Sir Topham Hatt
  • The Changelings as The Troublesome Trucks
  • Shining Armor as Edward (mentioned)


Narrator: "Discord, the new creature, was sulking. The changelings would not stop singing rudely at him. Braeburn was horrified."

Braeburn: "Shut up!"

Narrator: "He ordered, and bumped them hard."

Braeburn: "I'm sorry our changelings were rude to you, Discord."

Narrator: "Discord was still furious."

Discord: "It's all your fault! You made them laugh at me!"

Zephyr Breeze: "Nonsense."

Narrator: "Said Zephyr Breeze."

Zephyr Breeze: "Braeburn would never do that. We animals have our differences, but we'd never talk about them to the changelings. That would be dis... dis..."

Big McIntosh: "Disgraceful!"

Narrator: "Said Big McIntosh."

Flash Sentry: "Disgusting!"

Narrator: "Put in Flash Sentry."

Zephyr Breeze: "Despicable!"

Narrator: "Finished Zephyr Breeze.

Discord hated Braeburn. He wanted him to be sent away, so he made a plan; he was going to tell lies about Braeburn.

Next day, he spoke to the changelings."

Discord: "I see you like jokes. You made a good joke about me yesterday, I laughed and laughed. Braeburn told me one about Big Mac. I'll whisper it.

Don't tell Big Mac I told you."

Narrator: "And he snickered away."

Changelings: "Ha ha ha!"

Narrator: "Guffawed the Changelings."

Changelings: "Big Mac will be cross with Braeburn when he knows.

Let's tell him and get back at Braeburn for bumping us!"

Narrator: "They laughed rudely at the animals as they went by.

Soon, Big Mac, Zephyr Breeze and Flash Sentry found out why."

Big McIntosh: "Disgraceful!"

Narrator: "Said Big Mac."

Flash Sentry: "Disgusting!"

Narrator: "Said Flash Sentry."

Zephyr Breeze: "Despicable!"

Narrator: "Said Zephyr Breeze."

Zephyr Breeze, Big McIntosh and Flash Sentry: "We cannot allow it!"

Narrator: "They consulted together."

Zephyr Breeze, Big McIntosh and Flash Sentry: "Yes,"

Narrator: "They said."

Zephyr Breeze, Big McIntosh, and Flash Sentry: "He did it to us, we'll do it to him, and see how he likes it!"

Narrator: "Braeburn was tired out.

The changelings had been cheeky and troublesome.

He wanted a rest in his home.

The three animals barred his way."

Flash Sentry: "Keep out!"

Braeburn: "Stop fooling!"

Narrator: "Said Braeburn."

Braeburn: "I'm tired!"

Zephyr Breeze, Big McIntosh and Flash Sentry: "So are we."

Narrator: "Hissed the animals."

Zephyr Breeze, Big McIntosh and Flash Sentry: "We're tired of you. We like Discord. We don't like you. You tell tales about us to the changelings."

Braeburn: "I don't!"

Zephyr Breeze, Big McIntosh and Flash Sentry: "You do!"

Braeburn: "I don't!

Zephyr Breeze, Big McIntosh and Flash Sentry: "You do!"

Narrator: "Princess Celestia came to stop the noise."

Big McIntosh: "Braeburn called me a galloping sausage!"

Narrator: "Spluttered Big Mac."

Flash Sentry: "Rusty brown scrap iron!"

Narrator: "Put in Flash Sentry."

Zephyr Breeze: "I'm old square hooves."

Narrator: "Fumed Zephyr Breeze."

Princess Celestia: "Well, Braeburn?"

Narrator: "Braeburn considered."

Braeburn: "I only wish, sir,"

Narrator: "He said gravely,"

Braeburn: "That I'd thought of those names myself. If the wing fits..."

Princess Celestia: "Ahem..."

Zephyr Breeze, Big McIntosh, and Crank Doodle Donkey: "He made changelings laugh at us!"

Narrator: "Accused the animals.

Princess Celestia recovered. He'd been trying not to laugh himself."

Princess Celestia: "Did you, Braeburn?"

Braeburn: "Certainly not, sir. No pony would be as mean as that!"

Narrator: "Discord lurked up."

Princess Celestia: "Now, Discord, you heard what Braeburn said."

Discord: "I can't understand it, sir. To think that Braeburn, of all animals... I'm dreadfully grieved, sir, but know nothing."

Princess Celestia: "I see."

Narrator: "Said Princess Celestia.

Discord squirmed, and hoped he didn't."

Princess Celestia: "I'm sorry, Braeburn, but you must go to Shining Armor's station for a while. I know he will be glad to see you."

Braeburn: "As you wish, sir."

Narrator: "Braeburn trundled sadly away, while Discord smirked with triumph."

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