Disaster For Patrick is the first On Site With Thomas Season 2 episode narrated by Pierce Brosnan.


Thomas and Emily take Jack and his friends to the Mountains. Patrick is skepital and boasts about being a important cement mixer. He drives along the mountains until disaster strikes, and Patrick crashes into the barrier of a cliff that says "DANGER! ROAD MACHINES DO NOT FALL!". Patrick finds himself dangling on the cliff. Thomas tells Jack to get the ropes. Jack takes the ropes into Patrick and pulls him back onto the road. Miss Jenny scolds Patrick for teasing the other machines.

Featured Characters

  • Thomas
  • Emily
  • Jack
  • Alfie
  • Oliver (Pack)
  • Max & Monty
  • Kelly
  • Byron
  • Ned (cameo)
  • Isobella (cameo)
  • Nelson
  • Patrick
  • Buster (cameo)
  • Victor (cameo)
  • Miss Jenny


  • This is Patrick's second apperence since his first apperence "On Site With Thomas" and first apperence of Oliver (Pack), Max & Monty, Kelly, Nelson and Patrick's CGI faces.


  • In real life, Patrick would fall off the cliff.
  • When Patrick crashes into the barrier, his number is visible.


  • Patrick: I'm the most important! HAHAHAHAHA!
  • Narrator: But then suddenly, there's a terrible noise! Patrick's brakes woudn't work. Patrick tried to brake. But he was out of control. Patrick was scared.
  • Kelly: Slow down, Patrick!
  • Patrick: I CAN'T STOP!
  • Narrator: Then Patrick saw a barrier of the cliff that said "DANGER! ROAD MACHINES DO NOT FALL".
  • Patrick: OH, NO! I CAN'T STOP!
  • Narrator: He tried to brake hard. But it was too late! Patrick smashed the barrier! Patrick wasn't hurt, but his brakes were broken. Patrick was dangling on the edge of the cliff!
  • Patrick: Help!

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