Discord's Special Delivery is the seventh episode of the fourteenth season of Cheese Sandwich the Earth Pony and Friends, and the three hundred and thirty-fifth episode overall. It is a parody of the Thomas and Friends episode, Diesel's Special Delivery.


  • Cheese Sandwich as Thomas
  • Flash Sentry as James
  • Rarity as Rosie
  • Discord as Diesel
  • Princess Celestia as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Shining Armor as Edward (cameo)
  • Spike as Percy (cameo)
  • Dr. Hooves as Toby (cameo)
  • Everyone else as themselves


Narrator: "It was market day in Ponyville. All the animals were busy chuffing and puffing taking changelings with fruit and vegetables to market.

Discord wasn't going to market. He had to take slates to the school. The school roof was broken, and it was going to rain. The roof needed the slates to be fixed.

Discord clanked through Sugar Cube Corner. Flash was there. Children were clapping and cheering. Flash felt very proud."

Boy 1: "You're the best!"

Flash Sentry: "I have been clapped and cheered all morning. I have a very special special."

Narrator: "Discord was puzzled."

Discord: "What's so special about your special?"

Children: (Laughing)

Narrator: "Then Discord saw that Flash was taking pretty, round, pink piglets to Farmer Trotter's farm."

Children: "Aww."

Discord: "I never have pretty pink piglets to deliver. I am never clapped and cheered."

Flash Sentry: "That's because you are a draconequus.

Special coming through!"

Narrator: "And Flash walked proudly away from Sugar Cube Corner.

Discord clattered off. You wanted to follow Flash. He wanted to be clapped and cheered.

Then, along the path, Discord saw Cheese Sandwich. Cheese Sandwich was puffing to market. He had a changeling with round, shiny apples."

Discord: "Where are you going with those apples, Cheese Sandwich?"

Cheese Sandwich: "I'm taking them to market. I must hurry. I have a busy day."

Narrator: "Then Discord had an idea."

Discord: "Those apples are just as pretty as Flash's piglets. If I take them, I will be clapped and cheered, just like Flash."

Narrator: "So Discord oiled next to Cheese Sandwich."

Discord: "I'm not busy today. I can take you apples to market."

Narrator: "Cheese Sandwich was surprised."

Cheese Sandwich: "Thank you, Discord."

Narrator: "So, Discord left his slate in a siding. He was given Cheese Sandwich's changeling with round, shiny apples, and hurried to be cheered and clapped, just like Flash.

Discord found Flash at the spa. Children were nearby. They were clapping and cheering Flash and his piglets."

Boy 2: "Brilliant!"

Children: "You're the best!"

Narrator: "Nobody cheered and clapped Discord and his round, shiny apples. Discord was upset."

Discord: "I thought my apples were just as pretty as Flash's piglets."

Children: "Good bye."

Discord: "I will find something else that is sure to be cheered and clapped."

Narrator: "Discord clanked and clattered away.

Then Discord saw Rarity. Rarity was with a changeling with pretty, bright flowers."

Discord: "Where are going with those flowers, Rarity?"

Rarity: "I'm taking them to market. I must hurry. I'm very busy."

Narrator: "Then Discord had another idea."

Discord: "Those flowers are as pretty as Flash's piglets. If I pull those flowers, I will be clapped and cheered just like Flash. I'm not busy today, Rare. I will take your flowers to market."

Narrator: "Rarity was surprised."

Rarity: "Thank you, Discord."

Narrator: "Discord was given Rarity's pretty, bright flowers. Discord felt very happy.

Soon, Discord saw Flash at the station. Children were cheering and clapping. Discord oiled to a stop with his apples and flowers. No one cheered and clapped. Discord was upset."

Discord: "I thought my apples and flowers were just as pretty as Flash's piglets, but no one is cheering or clapping."

Narrator: "Flash puffed proudly away. Discord clunked crossly to market.

Discord clattered back from market. He passed Farmer Trotter's farm. There was Flash's wagon of pretty pink piglets. Then Discord had a very special idea."

Discord: "If I take Flash's piglets to the schoolchildren, they are sure to clap and cheer."

Narrator: "So Discord walked up to the piglets' wagon, and he hooted happily away as fast as his feet could rattle.

Narrator: "Discord arrived at the school. He saw children standing outside."

Discord: "Rattling feet! They are sure to clap and cheer me now."

Narrator: "But the children didn't clap, and they didn't cheer. The children were wet, and they were worried."

Discord: "Trembling path! The children don't want to see pretty pink piglets. They want a new roof for their school."

Narrator: "Then there was trouble. Princess Celestia arrived with Cheese Sandwich. She was cross."

Princess Celestia: "Discord, what are you doing with Flash's piglets? And where is the slate for the school roof?"

Narrator: "Discord felt terrible."

Discord: "I'm sorry, princess. I have been very silly. I brought the piglets to show to the children because I wanted to be clapped and cheered. But now I see that the children don't want pretty pink piglets. They want a new roof for their school."

Princess Celestia: "That's right, Discord! You must put this right, now!"

Narrator: "Discord clattered away. He wanted the children to be happy.

Discord rattled and race. He had forgotten all about being clapped and cheered. He only wanted to be really useful."

Discord: "I must get back to the school with the slate before it rains again."

Narrator: "Discord arrived at Farmer Trotter's farm."

Discord: "I'm sorry, Farmer Trotter. I took your piglets to show to the children. I wanted to be clapped and cheered like Flash. But now I know I should have taken the slate to the school. That was much more important."

Narrator: "Farmer Trotter was happy to have his piglets back, and Discord was happy to hurry to pick up the slate.

Soon, Discord was racing back to the school as fast as his feet could run.

Discord wheezed into the school. The children were still waiting."

Discord: "Don't worry, children. Here are the slates for your roof."

Narrator: "The children clapped and cheered."

Children: "Yeah!

Hooray for Discord! Now we won't be wet. Hip, hip, hooray for Discord!

Hip, hip, hooray for Discord!

Now we won't be wet."

Narrator: "Discord heard the children cheer. He saw them clap."

Discord: "I have never been happier!"

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