Lunra Discovery Journal Entry By : Lord Torretan

Day 125 My exploration has been long and tiring. Just today, I reached the pinnacle of the dark mountain. When I reached this area, I came into a City constructed of what appeared to be clouds. I couldn't believe it, but an entirely new race existing within this city. Luckily they knew some ancient tongues and I was able to communicate with them. They are similar to Sprites, and call themselves Seraphs. They value education especially in the healing areas. Their Herb Shop was amazing. I have decided to stay with them to learn more about them.

Day 140

Today a group of Seraphs revolted against the Elders. These younger Seraphs are of a much darker nature. However, they have been confined to the western part of town by the pinnacle. The Seraph Elder has removed the cloud pathway and created a draft so one cannot fly between the two sides of the city. They are blaming me for the revolt, I have used my power to convince them otherwise. They have agreed to accept me as Overlord of their City with the promise of my protection. I plan to seek out the mainland tomorrow. My only hope seems to be to fly to the east, towards Norland. Hopefully I will reach there soon.

Day 141

Today, I landed in Tranos Plaza. I am too tired to write much more so I am going to rest in the Inn.

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