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Pishe is the goddess of slight showers. She represents healing, growth, regeneration, cleansing and all aspects of life-giving energy - water being essential for all of us.

That is not the only side to Pishe, however. She has always been shrewd in commercial matters, and has no qualms about trading some of Her services for cold hard cash. It is said that in this spirit there have been 'liaisons' with various mortals over the years, but if these rumours are true, no-one dares speak of them openly.

It is said that no single raindrop believes it is to blame for the flood, and enough slight showers can sometimes combine to produce an unstoppable force of nature. Pishe rarely feels the need to excercise this facet of Her power, but feels happy in the knowledge that it is there.

Worshipped in

Ankh-Morpork, Llamedos, the Ramtops

Alternate names

  • Bast - Cat-Headed God
  • Petulia - Goddess of Negotiable Affection
  • Lady Ban Anna

Pishite Quotes


Gufnork is love and safety. Given the chance, He would cover the Disc in fluff, smooth out the dangerous bits, and make everyone feel better. His worship attracts both philosophers and warriors, the former looking at their navels for answers to deep questions, the latter trying to remove threats and fear.

Originally a god of home and the hearth, Gufnork's priests are almost aggressively affectionate, and do try to help others understand love and comfort. Their goal, though, is less conversion and more the sacred duty of helping everyone.

Gufnork's templars are reknowned for their ferocity in battle, and their instant cessation of fighting when the issue at hand is resolved. They are protective not only of their own priests, but of all clerics.

Worshipped in

Ankh-Morpork, Agatea, Klatch,

Alternate names

  • Sessifet - Goddess of the Afternoon
  • Patina - Goddess of Wisdom
  • Astoria - Goddess of Love
  • Mister Safe Way

Gufnorkian Quotes


Gapp used to be god for weavers and other makers of textile, but His following has increased to also include merchants and designers. As such, Gapp has grown from a god of weavers to a Fashion icon like never before.

With the advent of iconography, He has also seen fit to move into the fast-paced world of the new media. Priests of Gapp are known to have an eye for design, caring very little for politics but all the more for the latest trends.

Some groups of Gappic priests have also picked up a reputation for being vain and self-centred, looking down on those they see as inferior.

Worshipped in

Ankh-Morpork, Genua, the Ramtops

Alternate names

  • Nesh - Goddess of the Sun
  • Hyperopia - Godess of Shoes
  • Congo

Gappic Quotes


Sandelfon is God of Corridors, and as such, He has multiple faces. One of His faces is that of the builder, and as such, He is revered by stone masons, tile-setters, and quarry-workers. More recently, in the more urban areas of the Disc, the worship of Sandelfon has diversified somewhat. Larger buildings have become more common, and with large buildings come corridors. Corridors connect rooms, and as such, Sandelfon has branched out somewhat, becoming, to some, a god of communication. His presence can often be sensed in the corridors of important buildings; as such He is revered by lawyers, politicians, and businessmen, who call on His attention to assist in their designs.

Worshipped in

Ankh-Morpork, Agatea, Djelibeybi, Ephebe

Alternate Names

  • Ket - Ibis-Headed God of Justice
  • Khefin - Two-Faced God of Gateways
  • Fedecks - Messenger of the Gods
  • Bacalou

Sandelfonian Quotes


Fish, once a god of fishermen, now a god of sea creatures, is both the hunted and the hunter. It is actually less likely to look after its followers than most gods, but not actively malicious toward them in the way that Hat and Sek can be.

Being a god of the sea, it is fickle at the best of times, chaotic at the worst, and disinclined to impose commandments beyond the very basic Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's haddock unless he covets thy haddock.

Fish's followers tend to have difficulty making or following rules, and there are even rumours of an agatean criminal syndicate that follows it.

Worshipped in

Ankh-Morpork, Bes Pelargic, Ephebe

Alternate Names

  • Fish - God of Sea Creatures
  • The Moon Goddess
  • Herne the Hunted
  • Silur - Catfish-Headed God
  • Jeht - Boatman of the Solar Orb
  • Flatulus - God of Winds
  • Libertina - Godess of the Sea
  • Agwé

Fishite Quotes


Worshipped in

Djelibeybi, Ephebe

Alternate Names

  • Hotaloga Andrews
  • Bibulous - God of Wine and Things on Sticks
  • Tuvelpit - God of Wine

Hattian Quotes


Sek wraps his mysteries tightly, with cults within cults and fragmented churches and worshippers. Likely the least stable of the churches, Sek's followers are urged to seek power. Rather than desiring a large and stable church, Sek pits his followers and clergy against each other, constantly trying to refine them into a stronger church.

The Sektarian sub-church is just one example of Sek's belief in tearing apart his own church to separate the strong and the weak in his perpetual harvest. He can be malicious to his own priests, knowing that were he to love and aid them, they would rely upon him instead of finding their own strength.

Worshipped in

Ankh-Morpork, Klatch

Alternate Names

  • Sarduk - Goddess of Caves
  • Bel Shamharoth - Sender of Eight
  • Cubal - Fire God

Sekkite Quotes


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