Dvors are troops in service to the local prince or Boyars of high standing. Dismounted they make excellent archers, well protected, effective at range, but able to look after themselves at close quarters if needed.

General Information

Archery Range: 4
Marksman's Range: 6


  • Cost: 770
  • Upkeep: 250
  • Unit Size: 60
  • Primary Attack: 11
Weapon Type: Composite Bow
  • Secondary Attack: 11 AP
Weapon Type: Axe
Charge Bonus: 3
  • Total Defense: 15
Armour: 5 (Light Mail), 7 (Heavy Mail), 8 (Partial Plate)
Defense Skill: 4
Shield: 6 BM
  • Hitpoints: 1
  • Morale: 9
  • Marching Speed: ??? m/s
  • Running Speed: ??? m/s
  • Stamina: Hardy
  • Discipline: Normal
  • Training: Trained
  • Environmental Modifiers:
Heat Penalty: 4
Scrub: 1
Sand: -2
Forest: 3
Snow: 2
  • Special Abilities:
Can use fire arrows


One of the best Fortress-level heavy archers in the game.

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