Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Toontown Tales is a fan-fiction thing to do inspire/based on Salty's Lighthouse.


Beauty and the Beast

  • Belle - The main character who loves using her imagination to cosimerrate with her friends, learning all sorts of lessons. She also narrates the Toontown segments.
  • Belle II - A pair of binoculars whom Belle must look through to Toontown segments.
  • Prince Adam -
  • Human Lumiere -
  • Human Cogsworth -
  • Human Fifi -


  • Tom - The main character. He is a dog, and is goodwell and kind, and also very cheeky to the other toons.
  • Yandell - Tom's friend, a duck, who he decided to work/play with him.
  • James - The cat who is a gentlecat and acts like like he has his english/british accent.
  • Daniel - A bear. He always help others out when he need a plan, altrough he can be abit clumsy.
  • Sally - Tom's girfriend, and a dog. She sometimes need to light everything at night.
  • Gareth - The toon pig who is good but also a hard worker and always seem to be oblighed.
  • Duckass - The mouse is always use to be with the ones. He at first find out who did it, but now he knows where the loads are.
  • Flippy - The toon who governers Toontown. He is a same hight as Tom, same skin color as Tom, same purple shorts as Tom, and same green short sleeve shirts as Tom, but with red stripes.
  • Rob - The monkey who always seen better days and was know work in many ways.

More on the way


(Coming soon)


(Coming soon)

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