Home on the range II

Disney's Home on the Range 2


Lucky Jack sets out on a quest to find his long lost brother, Lone Star, with help from his cow friend Maggie, while evading two hungry coyotes.


One year after the events of the first movie, it's autumn in the Patch of Heaven farm, in Chuggwater, Utah. The Sheriff pays a visit to Pearl, and tells her about an annual contest to determine the best farm animals of the year, on the brink of breaking a record.

The Sheriff also tells Pearl that it's Coyote Season, so she should keep her livestock locked at all times. The Sheriff's horse, Buck, tells the animals a story that could save their lives one day, a story of an evil coyote named Scarface that Buck met face-to-face last year. Buck says that while he practiced his karate moves at his stable, he was attacked by a hungry coyote. When Buck fired at it with the Sheriff's revolver, the buckshot scratched a scar on his cheek and from that day on, he was known as the 'Scarfaced Killer Coyote' of Chuggwater County.

Aside all that, Lucky Jack the rabbit was eager to share the contest with his cow friends, Maggie, Mrs. Calloway & Grace. That night, a seriously ill horny toad named Biter came to visit Jack. Knowing that he would not live to see the rabbit compete, Biter told him a long kept secret. He reminded him of how Alameda Slim flushed his rabbit colony out of Echo Mine, including his younger brother, Lone Star. Now the lizard told Jack the whole truth: Lone Star's body was never found, so it's been rumored that the rabbit could still be alive.

Biter then succumbs to his illness, and Jack was encouraged by his dying words. The rabbit then secretly wrote a note on ink that he would leave to locate his brother, that it's a "long story," and he doesn't want the cows to come and get him; he fears that unnecessary searching will cause further jeopardy to the contest. Then he posts the note on his house, and sneaks away into the night.

The next morning, the animals find Jack's note. Ever-determined Maggie volunteers to follow her friend, as she adds that since Jack once risked his life to save her, she owes it to him. Optimistic Grace offers to watch over the animals, but tense Mrs. Calloway tries to refuse, until she gets convinced by Pearl's chicks who cheep and stare at her crossly. Calloway then allows Maggie in her search. Meanwhile, Scarface the Coyote plots revenge with his lieutenant, Fluffy, by eating the cow and rabbit alive, and the two enter the quest as well.

After much trekking, Jack arrives at Echo Mine, and soon meets up with his surviving brother Lone Star, who shows Jack the fun of having a care-free life and promises not to take him to the farm.

Jack now wants to stay in the desert more than ever. Before long, Jack is caught by a gang of Gila Monsters and taken to their leader, Seville, who makes a deal with Jack that if he tells him the secret of making fire like a farm animal, then he will make it so he can stay in the desert. However, since he was not raised in a farm, Jack doesn't know how to make fire. Maggie and Lone Star arrive at the palace, unseen and try to plan a way to rescue Jack, and there begins a mad chase between the lizards and Lone Star and Maggie over Jack. Seville accidentally knocks down a bamboo pillar and holds up the temple the best he can until he struggles when Lone Star begins to tickle him frantically under the arms. The lizards manage to stop Lone Star's tickling, but end up bouncing Seville onto the other pillar instead, causing the temple to collapse in rumble.

Jack is rescued from Seville by Maggie and Lone Star. Maggie explains to Lone Star that the desert isn't safe when Scarface is around. As morning arrives, Lone Star explains to Jack that the Patch of Heaven is best for him, but Jack accuses him for breaking his promise and runs away in the deepest part of the desert. Meanwhile Scarface and Fluffy are planning an ambush on Jack, who must be caught by surprise.

Finally, the coyotes pounce on the jackrabbit, but Maggie and Lone Star come to the rescue. Maggie then strikes Fluffy with her horns when the coyote was distracted and Fluffy hits a cave wall and a number of staligmites come down on him, killing him. After seeing the death of his lieutenant, Scarface chases the three heroes on his own. They escape onto a stone bridge high above a river of geysers. Maggie and Lone Star make it safely, but Jack struggles, about to fall into the scalding water. Scarface grabs him by the leg, starting to slip in too. Lone Star catches his brother in the nick of time, as Scarface plummets into the geyser, to his death.

Jack and Maggie to surprised to hear that Lone Star has offered to join his brother in Patch of Heaven, since it's where he belongs. Later, Mrs. Calloway and Grace welcome Lone Star with open arms, just as the farm won the contest with honors. Lone Star decides to leave Chuggwater, for his work there is done. Jack is now satisfied that his brother would be with him wherever he is and wherever he goes and after saying "Happy Trails," Lone Star hops off into the sunset, as Jack and Maggie head back home, now friends to protect the Wild West, forevermore.

End credit song

"Way Back When" by Steve Holy

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