Disney's Maurice and Remus is a spin-off of Maurice and Remus (2011-2012), which aired in Disney XD on 2012.

The show contributes through the original series featuring major changes, due to copyrights, since the characters have been aging, including actor voice changes, appearances and life courses.


  • Marcus Unger: Originally Maurice Spiffy Falconzone, he became 20-years old and is a recylcer at the Lucky's Dump and Recycle Shack and is the owner of a comic book store called Super Comicz. Marcus also sports a shaggy goatee and is wealthy. Voiced by Billy West.
  • Reuben Madison: Originally Reginald Fleabag Rem/bus Ferguson, he became 20-years old and is a garbage man at the Lucky's Dump and Recycle Shack and is also a birthday party entertainer. Voiced by Carlos Knight.
  • Brenda Unger: Originally Brenda Falconzone, she became a rich entreprenuer after inventing Cake Peanuts and is now running her own company, at the age of 16.
  • Skyler Rudy: Skyler had to move through Winsconsin and is replaced with a new character, Steve Jibes.
  • Thesauras Terry: Terry left the show to pursue a dictionary company career.
  • Lilly: Originally Pacy, she cut out the pacifier habit and has started sucking on lollipops and has sported gilded teeth.
  • Wendy Darling: Wendy has a new wardrobe and new hairstyle.
  • Tammy Pickett: Tammy communicates via webcam due to pursuing a cowboy career.
  • The Nerds: Phineas, Tadashi, Mucus and Daniel later became computer technichians and tecnomansers. Tadashi also gained a singing voice in the brand new series, voice of Randy Travis singing. The nerds are the voices of Phil LaMarr, Brian Tochi, Curtis Armstrong and Tom Kenny respectfully.


  • Long time no See, My Town has Changed: Today is Marcus' 20th birthday and he is ready to experience his old friend but everything has changed since his teenage years, including his friends.
  • Valentine Blues: At the first day of Luckless College, Marcus crushes on a new girl named Connie and wishes for her heart. Nerds Corp Entertainment, the company behind Dragon Booster and is known for it's cel-shaded 3D animation, animated the special.
  • Tokyo Movie Maker: Mr. Wink, Marcus and Remus gives the duo the opportunity to present a Japanese language tokatsu film into the English language market but they argue about the dialogue and the changes.
  • Favor Chain: Wendy wishes to get an autograph from her famous author but needs to convince a counseler to drive her by giving her a dish of a student's famous lasagna, along with other favors liked by different students.
  • Blast from the Past Part One: Rebus uses a magic watch that travels him to the past meeting Maurice (the past version of Marcus) and Remus (the past version of Rebus) and plans to make him the slaves.
  • Blast from the Past Part Two: An evil alien has captured Rebus, Remus and Maurice and now it's up for Marcus to time travel through the past as well.
  • Blast from the Past Part Three: After a cyclops breaks the time machine, Remus and Marcus have to search for the scattered pieces and Rebus & Maurice have to find the energy sources.
  • Blast from the Past Part Four: A time wizard has found all of the energy sources needed and now it's up for the 4 of them to retrieve them.
  • Blues Singer: Mucus discovers Tadashi's singing talent and uses him for fame but Tadashi doesn't want a singing career; he wishes to be an inventor. Randy Travis guest stars as the singing voice of Tadashi.
  • Mugged: An escaped mugger is on the loose and Rebus has joined the Military Force to find the mugger ever since capturing the mugger in the first place due to a banana accident.
  • Tokyo Knight: Rebus' head gets taken over by a Japanese knight who plans to destroy the Tokyo Tower.
  • Easter Blast: On April Fools Day, the day is also the starting of Easter in the town where the gang live. But, the Easter Bunny gets pranked too much and now he wishes for revenge.

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