Disney's Nine Old Men are the core Animators (some of whom are Directors) at Walt Disney Animation Studios who created Disney's most successful Animated Films and famous Works, since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Members of Disney's Nine Old Men

  • Les Clark (born November 17, 1907), who joined Disney in 1927.
  • Marc Davis (born March 20, 1913) started in 1935 on Snow White and Peter Pan.
  • Ollie Johnston (born October 31, 1912), who joined Disney in 1935, first worked on Snow White and Peter Pan.
  • Milt Kahl (born March 22, 1909) started in 1934 working on Snow White.
  • Ward Kimball (born March 4, 1914) joined Disney in 1934.
  • Eric Larson (born September 3, 1905) joined in 1933.
  • John Lounsbery (born March 9, 1911) started in 1935 and quickly became a star Animator.
  • Wolfgang Reitherman (born June 26, 1909) joined Disney in 1933 as an Animator and Director.
  • Frank Thomas (born September 5, 1912) joined Disney in 1934.

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