Disney's Sing Along Songs: You Can't Keep A Good Dog Down

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Teacher Owl

Professor Owl Introduces Charlie Barkin and Anne-Marie from "All Dogs Go To Heaven" To us

  • Judith Barsi as Anne-Marie
  • Burt Reynolds as Charlie Barkin
  • Dom DeLuise as Itchy Itchiford
  • Loni Anderson as Flo
  • Bill Farmer as Goofy
  • Jason Marsden as Max Goof
  • Corey Burton as Professor Owl and Bertie Birdbrain (A dunce in the corner)
  • Gail Matthius as Suzy Sparrow
  • Debi Derryberry as Penelope Pinfeather
  • Rex Allen as Father
  • Melissa Manchester as Kitty Matthews
  • Barrie Ingham as Basil
  • Val Bettin as Dawson
  • Sterling Holloway as Winnie the Pooh
  • Charles Judels as Stromboli
  • Dickie Jones as Pinocchio
  • Cliff Edwards as Jiminy Cricket
  • Mae Questel as Puppets
  • Jodi Benson as Ariel
  • Brain Cummings as Simon the Sea Monster
  • Samuel E. Wright as Sebastian
  • Scott Wolf as Scamp
  • Alyssa Millano as Angel
  • Chazz Palminteri as Buster
  • Cathy Moriarty as Ruby
  • Mickey Rooney as Sparky
  • Bronson Pinchot as Francois
  • Bill Fagerbakke as Mooch
  • Anita Gordon as the Golden Harp
  • Paul Terry as James
  • Richard Dreyfuss and Jeff Bennett as Centipede
  • David Thewlis as Earthworm
  • Simon Callow as Grasshopper
  • Jane Leeves as Ladybug
  • Mariam Margolyes as Glowworm
  • Susan Sarandon as Miss Spider
  • Anita Gordon as the Golden Harp
  • Peggy Lee as Si and Am
  • Verna Felton as Aunt Sarah
  • Ed Wynn as Toy Maker
  • Annette Funnicello as Mary
  • Tommy Sands as Tom
  • Danny Devito as Phil
  • Josh Keaton as Hercules
  • Charles Fleischer as Roger Rabbit
  • Bob Hoskins as Eddie Valiant
  • Clarence "Ducky" Nash as Donald Duck
  • Jimmie Dodd as Himself
  • Many others


  • Disney's Sing Along Songs Opening Theme
  • You Can't Keep a Good Dog Down (All Dogs Go To Heaven)
  • First Junkyard Society Rag (Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure)
  • I'm Walking Right Down the Middle of Main Street U.S.A. (Disneyland)
  • The Mickey Mouse Club March (The Mickey Mouse Club)
  • There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow (Carousel of Progress)
  • Eating the Peach (James and the Giant Peach)
  • What's Mine is Yours (All Dogs Go to Heaven)
  • Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (Song of the South)
  • Quack, Quack, Quack Donald Duck (A Day in the Life of Donald Duck)
  • Heffalumps and Woozles (Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day)
  • Sing a New Song (Ariel's Undersea Adventures)
  • It's a Small World (Disneyland)
  • The Character Parade (Disneyland)
  • One Last Hope (Hercules)
  • I'll Make a Man Out of You (Mulan)
  • Pecos Bill (Melody Time)
  • Let Me Be Good to You (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • I've Got No Strings (Pinocchio)
  • My What a Happy Day (Fun and Fancy Free)
  • Siamese Cat Song (Lady and the Tramp)
  • A Rather Blustery Day (Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day)
  • Prince Ali (Aladdin)
  • The Workshop Song (Babes in Toyland)
  • The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
  • On the Open Road (A Goofy Movie)
  • You Can't Keep A Good Dog Down (Reprise)
  • Disney's Sing Along Songs Closing Theme/Credits


  • Hosted by Professor Owl
  • The Footages for the Song "There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" are from "Disneyland Goes to the World's Fair" and "Disneyland: From the Pirates of the Caribbean to the World of Tomorrow"
  • A Footage of "Small World" from "Disneyland Goes to the World's Fair" was reused from Disney's Sing Along Songs: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
  • The Opening Theme and Closing Theme were both remixed
  • Footages from every film were fully restored in the widescreen format as if ripped off of the DVD's

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