Snow White told the children the story of how she went to the cottage of the seven dwarfs. "I had to stay in the cottage because of my nasty stepmother, The Queen." Told Snow White to the children. "Then one night, I met some good little men. Their names were Bashful, Sleepy, Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Dopey and Sneezy." All The Children liked Snow White's story. The Dwarfs and The Prince liked it too. "Would you like me to kiss you?" Asked The Prince. "Of Course." Said Snow White. "We're all one big family." Said Doc. But Not Far Away from Snow White's castle, There was a horrible black castle. There lived a king and His name was Black Cloud. "The Seven Dwarfs killed my sister, The Queen." Hissed Black Cloud. "Now it's my revenge, and I want Snow White and Her Prince to die for. But How?" Then he got an idea. An evil idea! An evil horrible idea! "I know just what to do." Laughed Black Cloud. "I'll put the smoke on and Tomorrow afternoon, Snow White and Her Dwarfs will die through the smoke." One Afternoon, Snow White was making the dwarfs a Rhubarb crumble while the dwarfs were doing the mine. Black Cloud called for his helper called Oliver. "Oliver!" Called Black Cloud. "Get the smoke all around Snow White's place." So Oliver did. The smoke floated through the seven dwarfs cottage, through the woods and others. And last but not least was Snow White's castle. The smoke made Snow White cough and The smoke made The Prince cough too. In the mine, The Dwarfs saw the smoke too. "What is that crazy smoke doing here?" Asked Grumpy. "Oh Dear." Said Doc. "Looks like Snow White and Her Prince are in trouble because of Black Cloud putting all the smoke around our place." "This calls for the rescue." Said Sneezy. "Come on!" Ordered Doc. So The Dwarfs ran to the rescue to stop Black Cloud. Black Cloud saw the dwarfs through the window. "Curses!" Sneered Black Cloud. "It can't be! How could it be so? They came out of the mine. They didn't die." The Dwarfs stopped Black Cloud just in time and put the smoke off. Soon, The Smoke went into Black Cloud's face. Soon, Black Cloud died. The Dwarfs went back to Snow White's castle. Soon, Snow White and Her Prince were all right again and They didn't have to die. So Snow White and The Prince watched The Dwarfs dance.

The End!

A Disney Sequel Story writen by Jake Pickard

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