• (The episode starts with the view of a giant castle made of silver and sapphire surrounded by green pillars)
  • (The team suddenly appear)
  • George Jacqueline: Wow! Look at that castle! What's it doing here?
  • Stephanie: This castle was the home to my friend Amy, who's a gem warrior just like me.
  • Craig: Is she half robot?
  • Stephanie: No. She isn't half robot. She is 100% pure gem.
  • George Jacqueline: Where is she currently?
  • Stephanie: Well, let's just say she isn't around the area no more.
  • George Jacqueline: Oh. And what are those giant green pillars doing here?
  • Stephanie: They were placed here to protect this castle, but something happened that caused them to transfer bursts of electricmagnetic interference.
  • George Jacqueline: Er... What?
  • Scooter: She means it's hurting radio, cinema and... television.
  • George Jacqueline: Nooo! Not television! So you mean we gotta destroy these?
  • Stephanie: Exactly.
  • (George punches the pillars who no effect, then headbutts one which makes a slight crack)
  • George Jacqueline: I have it... cracked!
  • (The Joke Punch Rimshot Drum plays and everyone is silent and a cricket chirrups)
  • Craig: Even I don't get that.

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