Disney/Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog is a Parody with Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog audio and Disney clips.


Version 1 (made by BrittalCroftFan, do not edit, add, or delete!)

  • Tails (from Sonic) as Sonic
  • Charmy (from Sonic) as Tails
  • Captain Hook (from Peter Pan) as Dr. Ivo Robotnik
  • Jasper (from 101 Dalmatians) as Scratch
  • Horace (from 101 Dalmatians) as Grounder
  • King Louie (from The Jungle Book) as Coconuts
  • Snow White (from Snow White) as Breezie
  • Sonic (from Sonic) as Robotnik Jr.
  • Bambi (from Bambi) as Robot
  • Basil (from The Great Mouse Detective) as Wes Weaselley
  • Robots as Themselves

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