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The Parody with Disney clips with Batman sounds


  • John Smith as Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Simba as Robin/Dick Grayson
  • Pocahontas as Batgirl/Barbara Gordon
  • Jafar as The Joker
  • Shere Khan as Penguin
  • Ratigan as Riddler
  • Cruella De Vil as Catwoman
  • Pheobus as Comissioner Gordon
  • Mufasa as Alfred
  • Scar as Two Face
  • Horned King as Bane
  • Ursula as Poison Ivy
  • Captain Hook as Mr. Freeze
  • The Genie as Luicus Fox
  • Princess Jasmine as Rachel
  • Barbossa as Black Mask
  • Dr Calico as Clayface
  • Big Boy as Cluemaster
  • Dr Facilier as Firefly
  • Helga Sinclair as Harley Quinn
  • Hades as Hugo Strange
  • Kazar as Killer Croc
  • Khaka Peu Peu as Killer Moth
  • Mad Doctor as The Mad Hatter
  • Monstro as Man-Bat
  • Man as Maxie Zues
  • Ramsley as Ra's Al Ghul
  • Mcleach as Zsasz
  • Randall Boggs as Red Hood
  • Sa'Luk as Scarecrow
  • Sarousch as Solomon Grundy
  • Alameda Slim And Jack Frost as Arnold Wesker And Scarface
  • Governor Ratcliffe as Rupert Thorne
  • Tony Perkins as Tony Zucco
  • Ringmaster as Ragdoll
  • Judge Doom as Clock King
  • Denahi as Dracula
  • Gaston as Hideto Katsu
  • Scroop as Spellbinder

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