• Genie(from Aladdin) as Captain Planet
  • Mulan(from Mulan) as Gi
  • Mowgli(from The Jungle Book) as Ma-Ti
  • Taran(from The Black Cauldron) as Wheeler
  • Vince(from Recess) as Kwame
  • Alice(from Alice in Wonderland[1951]) as Linka
  • Kida(from Atlantis: The Lost Empire) as Gaia
  • Clayton(from Tarzan) as Hoggish Greedly
  • Gaston(from Beauty and The Beast) as Looten Plunder
  • Rentwhistle Swack(from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command) as Sly Sludge
  • Madame Medusa(from The Rescuers) as Dr.Blight
  • McLeach(from The Rescuers Down Under) as Vernimous Skumm
  • Frollo(from The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as Duke Nukem

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