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  • Blossom Bubbles & Buttercup (from The PowerPuff Girls) as Ginger
  • Young Nala (from The Lion King) as Babs
  • Adult Nala (from The Lion King) as Mac
  • Brick Boomer & Butch (from The PowerPuff Girls) as Rocky
  • Gina Angela & Lila (from Talking Friends) as Bunty
  • Ginger Tom & Pierre (from Talking Friends) as Fowler
  • Adult Simba & Young Simba (from The Lion King) as Nick & Fetcher
  • The Ringmaster (from Dumbo) as Circus Man
  • Jafar (from Aladdin) as Mr. Tweedy
  • Yzma (from The Emperor's New Groove) as Mrs. Tweedy

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