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  • Doc [from Snow White] as Chowder
  • Jock [from Lady & The Tramp] as Mung Daal
  • Sir Ector [from The Sword in the Stone] as Shnitzel
  • The Evil Queen [from Snow White] as Truffles
  • Baloo [from The Jungle Book] as Gazpacho
  • Snow White [from Snow White] as Panini
  • Penny [from The Rescuers] as Ms. Endive
  • Dopey [from Snow White] as Kimchi
  • Kaa [from The Jungle Book] as Gorgonzola
  • Robin Hood [from Robin Hood] as Chestnut
  • Frair Tuck [from Robin Hood] as The Lead Farfel
  • Marie [from The Aristocats] as Ceviche
  • Ameila [from The Aristocats] as Rosemary
  • Rabbit [from Winnie the Pooh] as Mr. Fugu

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