Disney/Dexter's Laboratory is a parody spoof featuring audio from Dexter's Laboratory and clips from various Disney shows and movies.


  • Captain Crandall (from Teamo Supremo) as Dexter
  • Mitchie O'Hara (from Accidentally Adventures) as Dee Dee
  • Julie Kane (from The Adventures of Julie Kane) as Dexter's Mom
  • Beck Redford (from Tron: Uprising) as Dexter's Dad
  • Ralph Hart (from Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes) as Mandark
  • Miranda MacDonald and Clarissa Hudson (from Accidentally Adventures) as Lee Lee and Mee Mee
  • Lindy Hart (from Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes) as Olga "Lalavava" Astromonov
  • Timon and Pumbaa (from Timon and Pumbaa) as Mitch and Clem the Puppet Pals
  • Berlioz (from The Aristocats) as Monkey
  • Heidi Weinerman (from Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja) as Agent Honeydew
  • Professor Ludwig Von Drake (from House of Mouse) as The Commander
  • Tino Tonitini (from The Weekenders) as Tall Dexter
  • T.J. Detweiller, Vince LaSalle and Mikey Blumberg (from Recess) as Major Glory, Valhallen and Krunk
  • Dr. Facilier (from The Princess and The Frog) as Magmanamus
  • Scar (from The Lion King) as Rasslor
  • Kerchak (from Tarzan) Simion
  • Kick and Brad Buttowski (from Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil) as Silver Spooner and Barbequor
  • Chuckles The Silly Piggy (from Dave The Barbarian) as Organ Grinder
  • Evil Emperor Zurg (from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command) as Huntor
  • Yzma (from The Emperor's New School) as Peltra
  • Penn Zero (from Penn Zero: Part Time Hero) as Ratman
  • Nicky Little (from Pepper Ann) as She-Thing
  • Tigger (from The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh) as White Tiger
  • and more


  1. Mitchiemensional / Dial B For Berlioz: Dr. Facilier / Maternal Combat
  2. Crandall Dodgeball / Dial M For Berlioz: Scar / Crandall's Assistant
  3. Crandall's Rival / Dial B For Berlioz: Kerchak / Old Man Crandall
  4. Double Trouble / Crandall's Lab: A Story / Crandall's Laboratory
  5. Jurassic Pooch / Dial B For Berlioz: Chuckles The Silly Piggy / Dimwit Crandall
  6. Mitchie's Room / Dial B For Berlioz: Evil Emperor Zurg / The Big Sister
  7. Star Spangled Sidekicks / The Justice Friends: TV Super Pals / Game Over
  8. Babysitter Blues / The Justice Friends: Vince's Room / Dream Machine
  9. Dollhouse Drama / The Justice Friends: Mikey's Date / The Big Cheese
  10. Way of The Mitchie / The Justice Friends: Say Uncle Sam / Tribe Called Girl
  11. Spacecase / The Justice Friends: Penn Zero / Crandall's Debt
  12. Crandall's Rival / The Justice Friends: Bee Where? / Ralpher
  13. Inflata Mitchie / The Justice Friends: Can't Nap / Monstory