• Peter Pan (from Peter Pan) as Fry
  • Wendy Darling (from Peter Pan) as Leela
  • Kuzco (from The Emperor's New Groove) as Bender
  • Mulan (from Mulan) as Amy
  • Doc (from Snow White) as Hermes
  • The Rooster (from Robin Hood) as Professor Farnsworth
  • M-O (from Wall-E) as Dr. Zoidberg
  • The Huntsman (from Snow White) as The Clamps
  • Cogsworth (from Beauty and the Beast) as Kiff
  • Gaston (from Beauty and The Beast) as Zapp Brannigan
  • The Queen of Hearts (From Alice in Wonderland) as Mom
  • Captain Hook (from Peter Pan) as Robot Devil
  • King Candy/Turbo (from Wreck-It Ralph) as Robot Santa
  • Kaa (From The Jungle Book) as Lrr

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