• Doc (from Snow White) as Ernest the Engine
  • Dopey (from Snow White) as Stevie
  • Rabbit (from Winnie the Pooh) as Gail
  • Amelia (from The Aristocats) as Greg
  • Pirate #1 (from Peter Pan) as Murray
  • Pirate #2 (from Peter Pan) as Anthony
  • Agabli Gabble (from The Aristocats) as Jeff
  • Snow White (from Snow White) as Dorothy the Dinosaur
  • John (from Peter Pan) as Wags the Dog
  • Mr. Smee (from Peter Pan) as Henry the Octopus
  • The Big Bad Wolf (from The Three Little Pigs) as Captain Feathersword
  • Buster (from Lady and the Tramp 2) as Big Bird
  • Edgar (from The Aristocats) as Snuffy
  • Lighting McQueen (from Cars) as Elmo
  • Zack or Cody (from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody) as Ernie
  • Robin Hood (from Robin Hood) as Bert
  • Tramp (from Lady and the Tramp) as Cookie Monster
  • Sir Ector (from The Sword in the Stone) as Grover
  • Shere Kahn (from The Jungle Book) as Oscar
  • The Genie (from Aladdin) as Thomas
  • The Evil Queen (from Snow White) as James
  • Penny (from The Rescuers) as Percy
  • Timon (from The Lion King) as Mavis
  • and more!

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