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Music Scores and Songs From the Soundtrack

Mega Ultra Super Heroes Theme Song (Spoof in the 2003 version of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Theme Song) Preformed by The Jonas Brothers

"Remands of The Day" from Corpse Bride. Preformed by Pete, Frollo, Scar, Captain Gantu and Yzma

Bloopers and Outtakes

Director: Marker, (Clipboard claps) and action!

Scar: Are you saying I'm stupid?

Minnie: (Whispers) No.

Scar: Do I look... stupid... to you? (Clearing Throat) I cannot work like this.

Mickey: Watch this. (Puts on his glove)

Kuzco: Ha! Nice.

(Black glove bonks Mickey and Kuzco)

Kuzco: Wait, hold on. Stop--

(Many gloves bonked Kuzco and Mickey)

Mickey: Down, gloves. Down!

Genie: Duck and cover, people!

(Ducking and covering until the swords slashes Mickey)

All: OH!

Director: That one hurt 'em.

Scar: Do you understand me? (Grabs Mickey)

Timon: Ha! I'm sorry. He made ya laugh! He's looks funny at me. (Chuckles)

Genie: We didn't recognized you, Al. Why don't ya join the... Freedom Force? F-Fantasy Faction? (To the director) What's it called again?

Director: "Future Foundation".

Director: Action!

Mickey: Move out and let's go.

(The Genie slips with a scream and crashes)

Mickey: Can ya get more wax on the floor?

Davy Jones: Feel my wrath! (The fork is stuck on his head) Get off. (Pulled the fork of his head) Get... off! (Drops fork) Another take?

Director: Sure. (To the audience) Let's do it again!

Davy Jones: (The forks are stuck on his head) Wait a minute. No-- Stop-- Ah, never mind.

Megara: Whoa, Hercules. We won't get nasty surprises.

(Hammering Off-screen)

Minnie: Is someone hammering? (To the construction workers) Can you stop the work, please?

Mickey: When you miss the shot, ya can see me. Right?

(Minnie picks the chattering teeth toy and puts Mickey's pants)

Minnie: Careful, Mickey.

Mickey: For what?

Minnie: For they chatter.

(Chattering in Mickey's pants)

Mickey: (Laughs) Stop that! That tickles. Get my agent on a phone!

(Minnie, Hercules and Megara laughed)

Mickey: Clothes please. (The handy helpers put on Minnie's pink skirt on next to Mickey's diaper) Pink? I really think you-- (Paint Mickey's face green and pants purple) (To the director) All wrong.

Director: Sorry about that!

Genie: He always after two important things. Power, and also helmets with horns.

Kuzco: He is really into those.

Genie: To infinity and beyond!

(Laughing off-screen)

Mickey: Sorry, The Genie couldn't resist.

Genie: can ya play me?

Director: Of course I can.

(Mickey swallows the flea)

Mickey: (Coughing) Stop right there. I think I swallow a bug!

Genie: What are we do, boss?

Tarzan: Use your head.

Genie: But I don't wanna use my head!

(All yelling)

(Banging when the door's closed)

Genie: Ow.

(We see Kim in a car)

Ron: Okay, hold on. I got this! (Slips with a scream and thud with a cartoon crash)

Iago: Hey, Jafar. Why don't you go back to Agrabah? I mean, you don't even like eggs.

Jafar: What?

Iago: Listen, it's only an problem with that. (Pushes the camera and falls) Sorry that your camera broke.

Mickey: Oh, I-- OH! Ow, my eye! I've got grape juice in my eye. (As the Genie laughing) Darn it. Stop that camera!

Mickey: Goin' up! (Shake his hands to him) Whoa. Wha--? (Falls with a scream and thuds)

Mickey: (Running) C'mon, let's hurry! (Tail stuck on the pole) What the-- That can be good. (The handy helper punches him in the face and screams)

(Cartoon crash)


Scene 1

Walt Disney Pictures

(Same as the 3 variations from Disney Movies with the "Jungle 2 Jungle" music. First, "Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch". Second, "Saving Mr. Banks". Third, "Lilo and Stitch".

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Jerry Bruckhiemer Films

Marvel Studios

Pixar Animation Studios

Reporter: (Reading off-screen) In criminal justice, it's investigate the crime. There is the Miami-Dade Police Department who conducts the people's case. These are their stories.

Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios Present

(The words "Walt Disney" drawed like in "Cinderrella 2".)

In Assosion with Walt Disney Animation Studios

A Jerry Bruckhiemer Production

A Pixar Animation Studios Film

Chernabog: I'm still hungry! Find me something to eat.

(Iago nodded and flies off as the word "Disney" falls down. Then the "/" appears and the word "Marvel" goes up and stops. )


Kuzco: Sorry, Iago. But you're headed for a wipeout!

Old Man: He's right, feather head.

Kuzco: Who are you?

(An old man Yen-Sid arrives)

Old Man: Name's Yen-Sid, and I'm reading an incoming ship.

Kuzco: Okay, Yen-Sid. Be careful.

Iago: (Squawks) Be careful. Be careful.

Yen-Sid: Watch out, Iago! It's about to open fire!

Yen-Sid: You alright, Kuzco?

Kuzco: Ow, ow and more ow.

Yen-Sid: (Thinking with his finger) Hmm...

(Theme song plays)

(The word "Disney" writes in white. An "/" appears. The word "Marvel" goes up like the Aardman logo from "Flushed Away". The word "Avengers" falls down to the floor.)

(Theme song ends)

(Thunder Sounds in the castle)

Man: (Narrating) Everyone in Toontown liked going to Disneyland a lot. But Scar, the lion with a dark mane, did not.

(Scar works on. He was Mufasa's brother)

Scar: With these Cosmic Bricks, the word will be mine to rule! (Snickers) (Throws an object) First, I should prevent it from being destroyed.

(Showing the Cave of Wonders, Gazeem the peasant, Jafar and Iago)

Narrator: Scar hates Toontown, including Disneyland. Then Jafar, the sultan's advisor, is a hand.

The Cave's Voice: Who dares approach the Cave of Wonders? Only one may enter here. The diamond in the rough!

Jafar: (To Gazeem) You will fetch me that lamp. Now go.

(Gazeem goes to the cave which collapse him and screams) (To Scar) This would have been easier for you to captured the board, then it blasted into pieces.

Scar: Toontown shows up. It knows how to ruin every good evil plan.

Jafar: Scar, your plan is fantastic.

Scar: There's a poor choice of words, your Majesty. I prefer to think of it as 'spectacular,' and maybe 'stupendous.'

(Iago squeaks and gets off of Scar's shoulder)

Scar: (Holding the pictures of Disney villains) I hired every villain, bad guy and dark minion I could find to help assemble my doom-ray of Doom!

Jafar: Sort of a mouthful for Gazeem, alright. (To Iago) Speaking of that, how will I ever become Sultan without the lamp?

Scar: A lamp?

Iago: Lamp, lamp, lamp. Bah! How much longer do you get our hands on Gazeem, before we find that stupid lamp?

Scar: Patience, Iago. Patience! That peasant named Gazeem was less then worthy.

Iago: Oh, there's a big surprise. I think I'm gonna have a hard-attack and die from NOT surprised!

Jafar: (Grabs Iago's neck) Silence! We have to find this diamond in the rough. (Letting Iago go) Where could he be, O Most Doom-Full One? We must track down on him of these Cosmic Bricks to build my weapon.

Scar: As you commend, O Patient One.

(Scar, Jafar and Iago Laugh evilly)

Scene 2

(The Firebird Roars as the "House of Mouse" sign changes into "House of Villains")

Narrator: Meanwhile in the entrance, the Jack in A Box and the Firebird enter the House of Villains.

Jack in A Box: (To the audience) Alright. I let these big-wigs go, once you bring some of those... uh... Cosmic Bricks!

The Firebird: (To the Jack-In-a-Box) Why didn't you make ME the supervisor here? (To the audience) That guy's got sand for brains.

(Jack-in-A-Box and the Firebird laugh evilly)

(Mickey Mouse flies on a Magic Carpet)

Aladdin: (To the Jack-in-a-Box and the Firebird) Hey, boys! You're walking piles of kitty litter. Making fun of you two would have been to easy. (Jumps to ride the Magic Carpet with Mickey) Hey, Mickey! Hitch your ride. Carpet, let's move!

(The Carpet flies)

Aladdin: Holding Grand Central hostage at rush hour?

Mickey: (Takes the lamp to Aladdin) Now that's criminal. Ha-ha!

(Aladdin rubs the golden lamp, and the puffs of smoke coming out. The Genie arrives)

Genie: Oh, yeah! (Cracks neck) OY! 1000 years will get ya such a crick in the neck! (Cracks neck) There. That's better.

Aladdin: Genie, do you remember to look before you leap?

Genie: (Nodded) Yep. I know that before! (Using binoculars to see the Jack-In-A-box and the Firebird) Whoa! Bad guys.

- Mickey: The toon folks think they need to be careful for a plan of attack using-- (Booming Sound)

Aladdin: Huh. He just smash our way in! Good plan.

Scene 3

(We see Mickey Mouse sitting and thinking)

Mickey: There I was sittin' here thinkin', "What a peaceful evening".

(Mickey turns his head to Hades and his stretchy arms to grab him)

Mickey: Then BOOM! (Ducks but Hades missed him) The numbskulls show off.

(Mickey uses the lasso and pushed Hades)

Mickey: Feels like a family reunion! (As Gaston flying on a plane and laughs evilly) My old pals, Donald and Goofy and I would be surprised of... (The long tongue grabs him) LUNATICS! (He see Stitch and his long tongue kisses his face) (Disgusts and gets happy) Wow, Stitch. I need ya to get some breath-mints for yourself. (Stitch pushes him)

(The fist punches Mickey in the face and he sees Captain Hook)

Captain Hook: Got any clever little pirates for me, scurvy-brat?

(Villains agreeing)

Mickey: (Nodded) Yea, sir. It'll take so much for takin' the subway down.

(Aladdin arrives on the Magic Carpet)

Aladdin: You're a walking pile of kitty litter. Right, Captain? Making fun of you wouldn't be too easy. Hey, Mick! Hitch your ride. (Grabs Mickey) Carpet, let's move! (Villains grabbed Mickey and Aladdin and missed them)

(Carpet flies off in Toontown)

Aladdin: I think you could use a hand.

Mickey: (Grabs the gun) What I can use is a bazooka! (Guns shoots three times as the villains gasped)

Aladdin: (To the Disney villains) Sorry, boys! Mine's in the shop. How about this? (Throws the bomb and Mickey grabs it and drops it to the villains)

Captain Hook: Oh no.


Aladdin: This will come in handy! (To Mickey) Say, I can't find Carpet anywhere. Where is he?

Mickey: Gosh, I don't know.

(Carpet appears)

Aladdin: There he is!

(The Disney Villains getting up)

Mickey: (Patting Stitch) Are we friends of yours, buddy?

(Stitch's claws razing and hisses)

Mickey: Gross. (Stitch pushes him and leaves)

- Genie and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit: (Off-Screen as Mickey turned his head) Help!

- Mickey: Huh?

Aladdin: Uh-oh. Sounds like Genie's in trouble! You need to save him! I gotta check on Jasmine, Rajah, Abu and the Sultan. (Snaps fingers) Come on, Carpet. Let's go! (The carpet flies and he leaves)

(Villains chattering to get closer to Mickey)

Mickey: If this day gets wired, I may have to scream.

(The Genie stretches his arm)

Mickey: Yep, that'll do it! (Screams as the Genie grabs him and the villains leave)

Oswald: Thanks for saving us, Mr. Mouse.

Mickey: Haven't you guys meet Donald n' Goofy yet?

Genie: What a mess.

Oswald: Hey, I just replace that!

Mickey: I always knew that'll be a few buzzes around, Os. This is takin' things a little too far, huh? We gotta shut off the power!

Oswald: The Genie and I gettin' your own way.

Mickey: No, not this guy ether.

Genie: Who? That guy? He's hired.

(The Genie snaps fingers with Oswald to disappeared and appeared)

Yen-Sid: Make sure you get the Cosmic Brick.

Walt Disney: Yes, sir. (Grabs the Coke) Hey, Genie. Can you help with some of this degrees?

Genie: Uh-huh.

Oswald: You're calling 'em Cosmic Bricks?

Yen-Sid: They came from the sky-surfer. I giving Hercules a job for exercising. Thanks for your help, Mickey. It always a pleasure for a hero like you.

Mickey: No time to thank me yet. I gotta apologized tomorrow. My girl needs to pick up a dozen eggs, and I've got drownin' in.

Oswald: So, who's behind all this? What are they up to, and will it cut in into hot-tub time?

Yen-Sid: I don't know, I wish I knew and yes. Oswald, get moving to Toontown and give me some answers.

(All Laughing)

Scene 4

Scene 5

Scene 6

Scene 7

Scene 8

Scene 9

Scene 10

Scene 11

Scene 12

Scene 13

Scene 14

Scene 15

Scene 16

Scene 17

Scene 18

Scene 19

Scene 20

Scene 21

Scene 22

Scene 23

Scene 24

Scene 25

Scene 26

Scene 27

Scene 28

Scene 29

Scene 30

Scene 31

Scene 32

Scene 33

Scene 34

Scene 35

Scene 36

Scene 37

Scene 38

Scene 39

Scene 40

Scene 41

Scene 42

Scene 43

Scene 44

Scene 45

Scene 46

Scene 47

Scene 48

Scene 49

Scene 50

Main Cast:

Larry Dolf -

Jim Cummings - Pete

Chris Sanders - Stitch

Don Lafontaine - Reporter

Mark Elliot - Narrator

Recurring Roles:

Special Guests:

Carl Lumbly -

Kevin Conroy - Darkwing Duck

Steve Blum - Philoctetes

- Flynn Ryder

Stephen Amell -

Closing Logos:


Logo: On a red, blue and green background, we see a series of Marvel Comic book Panels flipping from "X-Men: The Last Stand", "Fantastic Four", "Hulk", "Ghost Rider" and "The Punisher" like a flipbook. Now "MARVEL" zooms out in logotype. As panels fade into a red background, the "MARVEL" logo fades into a white color. As the background finishes, "MARVEL" continues to zoom away as the logo fades out.

FX/SFX: The pages flipping, the forming and zooming of the Marvel logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1492 Pictures logo. a very dramatic and heroic fanfare, composed by Hans Zimmer. Sounds of pages flipping, flames, spikes shoot out, guns shots and water dripping.


Jerry Bruckhiemer Films.

Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Walt Disney Pictures.

Music Scores and Songs From the Soundtrack




Teaser Poster

Theatrical Poster

Official Poster

New Poster

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