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  • Milo Thatch (from Atlantis) as Billy
  • Kuzco (from The Emperor's New Groove) as Jason
  • John Smith (from Pocahontas) as Rocky
  • Arthur (from The Sword In The Stone) as Zack
  • Peter Pan (from Peter Pan) as Adam
  • Pocahontas (from Pocahontas) as Trini
  • Princess Kida (from Atlantis) as Aisha
  • Princess Eilonwy (from The Black Cauldron) as Kimberly
  • Mulan (from Mulan) as Katherine
  • Taran (from The Black Cauldron) as Tommy
  • Genie (from Aladdin) as Ninjor
  • Yzma (from The Emperor's New Groove) as Rita Repulsa
  • Abis Mal (from The Return of Jafar) as Goldar
  • Pain and Panic (from Hercules) as Squatt and Baboo
  • Creeper (from The Black Cauldron) as Finster
  • Cruella De Vil (from 101 Dalmatians) as Scorpina
  • Jafar (from Aladdin) as Lord Zedd
  • Lawrence (from The Princess and the Frog) as Rito Revolto
  • Dr. Facilier (from The Princess and the Frog) as Master Vile
  • Guards (from The Black Cauldron) as Putty Patrol
  • Forty Thieves (from Aladdin) as Zedd Putties
  • The Vultures, (from Snow White), Trigger and Nutsy (from Robin Hood) as Tenga Warriors

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