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  • Ash Ketchum From (Pokemon) as Captain Shang
  • May From (Pokemon) as Mulan
  • Top Cat From (Top Cat) as Mushu
  • Slim From (A Bug's Life) as Yao
  • Bobble From (Tinker Bell) as Chien Po
  • Clank From (Tinker Bell) as Ling
  • Pascal From (Tangled) As Cri Kee
  • Phantom The Pirate From (Pokemon Ranger and The Temple Of The Sea) as Shan Yu
  • Zoe From (Spyro The Dragon) as Matchmaker
  • Shang's Guard From (Mulan) as Himself
  • Grasshoppers From (A Bug's Life) as Huns
  • Stoick From (How To Train Your Dragon) as The Emperor Of China

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