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  • Cast
  • Aladdin-Kermit
  • Genie-Fozzie Bear
  • Jasmine-Miss Piggy
  • Percival McLeach-Billy Bones
  • Ichabod Crane-Gonzo
  • Captain Hook-Long John Silver
  • Timothy Mouse-Rizzo
  • Madame Medusa-Mrs.Bluveridge
  • Taran-Jim Hawkins(They both have british accents)
  • Scar-Mad Monty
  • Iago-Polly Lobster
  • Nuka-Clueless Morgan
  • Quasimodo,Mr.Centipede,Wilbur,Rafiki,Mr.Grasshopper,J.Worthington Foulfellow,Yao,Hopper,Clayton,King Hubert,Horned King,Maurice,Kaa,Joanna,Simba,Cyclops,Sergeant Tibs,Philoctetes,Thomas O'Malley,Jafar,Hades,Chernabog,Gaston,Sheriff of Nottingham,Phantom Blot,Si and Am,Prince John,Stromboli, Beagle Boys,& Scroop-Various other pirates
  • Roquefort,Basil,Bernard,Jake,& other disney rodents-Rat Tourists
  • Version 2
  • Hercules-Kermit
  • Philoctetes-Fozzie Bear
  • Megara-Miss Piggy
  • Stitch-Gonzo
  • Rita-Jim Hawkins
  • Phoebus-Long John Silver
  • McLeach-Mad Monty
  • Frollo-Polly Lobster
  • Mr.Smee-Clueless Morgan

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