Disney/One Piece is a parody featuring audio from the 4Kids/Funimation anime, One Piece and clips from various Disney shows.


  1. Todd Daring as Monkey D. Luffy (Nancy Cartwright)
  2. Randy Cunningham as Zolo/Zoro (Ben Schwartz)
  3. Kuzco as Usopp (J.P. Manoux)
  4. Mitchie O'Hara as Nami (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  5. Penn Zero as Sanji (Thomas Middleditch)
  6. Piglet as Tony Tony Chopper (John Fiedler)
  7. Booster Munchapper Sinclair as Franky (Stephen Furst)
  8. Carmen Angelo as Nico Robin (Tara Strong)
  9. and more

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