• Mowgli(The Jungle Book) as Shaggy
  • Baloo(The Jungle Book) as Scooby
  • Shanti(The Jungle Book) as Velma
  • Jasmine(Aladdin) as Daphne
  • Pocahontas(Pocahontas) as Shannon
  • Aladdin(Aladdin) as Fred
  • Grumpy(Snow White) as Ian
  • Kuzco(The Emperor's New Groove) as Del
  • Tweedledum and Tweedledee(Alice in Wonderland[1951]) as Angus and Colin
  • Mulan(Mulan) as Professor Fiona Pembroke
  • Caer Dalben(The Black Cauldron) as Duncan MacGubbert

Voice cast

  • Casey Kasem-Mowgli
  • Frank Welker-Baloo and Aladdin
  • Mindy Cohn-Shanti
  • Grey DeLisle-Jasmine and Pocahontas
  • Jeff Bennett-Grumpy and Kuzco
  • Phil La Marr and John Di Maggio-Tweedledum and Tweedledee
  • Sheena Easton-Mulan
  • Michael Bell-Caer Dalben

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