• Ash Ketchum From (Pokemon) as Prince Philip
  • May From (Pokemon) as Princess Aurora
  • Stoick From (How To Train Your Dragon) as King Stefan
  • Gobber From (How To Train Your Dragon) as King Hubert
  • Dawn From (Pokemon) as Queen Leah
  • Timon From (The Lion King) as Lackey
  • Nala From (The Lion King) as Flora
  • Kiara From (The Lion King 2) as Merrywether
  • Sarabi From (The Lion King) as Fauna
  • Khan From (Mulan) as Samson
  • Zira From (The Lion King 2) as Maleficent
  • Hyenas From (The Lion King) as Maleficent's Goons
  • Falcon From (Mulan) as Diablo
  • Dragon As Herself
  • Other Animals As Themeselves

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