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Sleepy from (Snow White) as Archer

Jedidiah Allardyce as Slamfist

Tigger from (Winnie the Pooh) as Insaniac

Peter Pan from (Peter Pan) as Punch-It

Stitch from (Lilo & Stitch) as Scratch-It

M-O From (Wall-E) as Ocula

Mickey Mouse from (Mickey Mouse) as Freakenstein

Frollo as Chip Hazard

Sid from (Toy Story) as Nick Nitro

Zurt from (Toy Story 2) as Link Static

Grumpy from (Snow White) as Brick Bazooka

Pete from (Mickey Mouse) as Kip Killigan

Kaa from (Jungle Book) as Butch Meathook

Mike from (Monsters,Inc.) as Robot Doll

Mr. Happy from (Mr. Men) as Alan

Miss Sunshine from (Mr. Men) as Chisty

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